Our approach

Eclectic. Innovative. Inclusive.

*A picture from Tabitha Roberts Forest School.

Our S.M.A.R.T. approach

The future we create

We are a multi-skilled, multicultural and global group of consultants who create education solutions and simplify complex problems. For all of us, the challenge is how to get most out of the projects we work on, the relationships we build, and the way we invest. That is why we call on everyone’s skills, creativity, and knowledge to help customers to set goals and chart paths to achieve them.

Covid-19 affected progress in many key areas, including education, and we’re beginning to share our vision for the future we want, and hope that we can create more inclusive, educated communities.

Our approach includes the questions we’re asking ourselves and our customers.

*Wendy Arnold doing an online storytelling session

Who makes the best teachers?

What motivates children to learn?

*A picture from Tabitha Roberts Forest School

*A picture showing how teacher-made materials are used for early literacy teaching and learning in Ghana.

What makes an impactful learning programme?

Innovation is the engine of progress

Innovation is the "engine of progress". It unleashes potential and makes possible things that people think are impossible.

Tried and trusted methods occupy a place, but new ideas, solutions and methods are essential to achieve change and respond to a rapidly changing world. Innovation helps to meet old challenges and solve new problems in new ways.

To turn an idea into something useful requires knowledge, development, nurturing and resources.

Wendy Arnold, ELT-Consultants © Founder

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