Sustainable development goals and social values

from the ELT perspective

Social values in our projects

Our social impact is viewed through the lenses of SDGs in ELT, and they encompass the following social value categories:


  • 1. Jobs: Promoting skills that boost employment for all through training and supporting young businesses, freelancers, and entrepreneurs.
  • 2. Growth: Supporting local business by collaborating with small businesses rather than large corporations.
  • 3. Social: Fostering community resilience by coaching the people in the community and helping them develop new skills.
  • 4. Environment: Providing green spaces to promote health and wellbeing by doing projects to help small communities.
  • 5. Innovation: Promoting new ideas and social innovation through education in various countries.

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Our focus SDGs

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals aim to bring peace and prosperity to all people by 2030. They are designed to give our planet a better future. We can’t think of better reasons to let 5 of them guide us in what we do. All of the selected goals have demonstrated a significant social value through our projects in ELT and we have made social impact on local communities in many countries.


4. Quality education

Listen to Alicia Artusi, an ELT-Consultants © Associate in Argentina sharing what she thinks about quality education. What do you think?

5. Gender equality

Females make up for 49.6% of the world population (World Bank 2022) but they only makeup 39% of total employment. Only 57% of women are making decisions about family planning and only 26% of women are represented in national parliaments.

Listen to Abigail Ekangouo, an ELT-Consultants © associate in Cameroon talk about gender equality.

Listen to Claudia Duedu, an ELT-Consultants © associate in Ghana talk about gender equality

Would you like to contribute to the making of a well for school children?

Donate on GoFundMe, and help other children get the clean water they deserve.

At the moment we can only organise this in Cameroon but if you know another context which needs support please contact ELT-Consultants ©.

6. Clean water and sanitation

Are you one of the 733+ million people who live in countries with high and critical levels of water stress?

Having clean water to drink and wash with is a HUMAN RIGHT. But 25% of all primary schools globally lack drinking water and basic sanitation.

Look at how ELT-Consultants © and one of their Associates Dr. Harry Kuchah Kuchah sponsored a well being built in his home village in Cameroon. Now over 600 children have access to clean water.

8. Recent work and economic growth

In 2022, we reviewed some of our policies and our working models and decided to support a young hosting company from Serbia because we wanted to expand our social impact, along with hiring an independent web designer to develop our new website. 

13. Climate action

Climate Change is urgently needed and the only way this will happen is for all human beings taking responsibility. What can you do to help our planet?

Listen to Harry Waters, an ELT-Consultants © Associate in Spain, talk about Climate Action and why he’s passionate about it.

This is Harry’s website with lots of fabulous free resources! Renewable English

Listen to Hary’s video about his latest achievement and his experience of being nominated for an Eltons award.

Watch this film to see what YOU can do!

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