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20 Oct

Why do teachers find it so difficult to change the way they teach?

by Coralyn Bradshaw

Co-founder ELT-Consultants 

Research shows that people find it extremely hard to change their behaviours, and teachers are n... Read more

01 Sep

When 'n' sounds like 'm'

 Thanh Nguyen

Associate ELT-Consultant

 The letter ‘n’ represents the /n/ sound in English. I... Read more

Coralyn is involved with helping a Dutch NGO in Marrakech Morocco where she now lives. This organisation helps Berber girls from the High Atlas Mountains to study in Marrakech. They provide a safe home environment, language support and life skills to open the horizons of the the young girls. Find ou...

19 days ago

Wendy is back from Laos. This is the second time she has visited working with RIES (research institute for educational sciences) part of the Ministry of Education ( and developing capacity within the country to write materials for teaching English from Grade 3...

24 days ago