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19 Nov

The Reader - An Endangered Species

By Christina Taylor – Associate ELT consultant

It’s coming up to the festive time of year. Many of us will ask our loved ones &ldqu... Read more

20 Oct

Why do teachers find it so difficult to change the way they teach?

by Coralyn Bradshaw

Co-founder ELT-Consultants 

Research shows that people find it extremely hard to change their behaviours, and teachers are n... Read more

Season's Greetings to all and wishing for a healthier and more peaceful world in 2019...

2 days ago

Wendy is back from Tashkent where she is working with the British Council and the Ministry of Public Education. Implementation of English at Primary started a few years ago but is regularly monitored and evaluated. Now working on pre-sett (pre-service teacher training) in-sett (in-service teacher tr...

6 days ago