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02 Aug

Seven Ways to Make Shy Students Talk

By Munaza Akhter

Assistant Professor FAST-National University

Guest Blogger


In language classes of 30 to 35 students ... Read more

17 Jul

Reading for specific details: clarifying the terminology for receptive sub-skills


by Lee Mackenzie

Associate ELT-Consultant

“Reading for specifics and reading for detail is the ... Read more

Line up with South Sudan English Language Teachers Association a new member of ALZELC...

5 days ago

ELT Consultants are also collaborating with TransformELT on a project in Tunisia. The project client is the British Council and the aim is to train 5,000 primary teachers who will be teaching Grade 4 students in September 2019. The bespoke programme for the 5 day course was designed by ELT Consultan...

6 days ago