Who we are

Our multi-skilled, multi-lingual and multi-cultural team of globally mobile consultants have experience in working throughout Africa, Asia, Central Europe, Europe, the Middle East, South America, and the USA. We are foremost ELT practitioners who have classroom and training experience, which has developed into writing and consulting. We have the background credibility to make decisions based on our practice.

We are international English language teaching and learning leaders in providing professional support and project management to implement, improve and reform the teaching of English at school, community, local and national level. What sets ELT-Consultants apart is our grassroots experience of working in under-resourced and challenging English language teaching contexts to provide motivating, hands-on and practical solutions to teacher training, based on best practice. We believe in delivering behavioural change with long-lasting impact, as a result of our emphasis on building effective mentoring schemes into our project design. ELT-Consultants is an active proponent of gender equality/opportunity within the educational system. All our consultants are DBS checked if they are working on an ELT-Consultants contract and interacting directly with children. They all adhere to our Child Protection Code of Conduct. 

ELT-Consultants are committed to working in principled partnership with our clients, listening to each client’s requirements to provide optimal, sustainable and pragmatic solutions while assuring client confidentiality. We provide value for money, meet deadlines and provide a responsive and flexible approach. Above all, we bring passion and commitment to each project.

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Our Associates around the world

  • Wendy Arnold

    Wendy Arnold

    Founder and Director

    England, United Kingdom

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    RSA Certificate TEFLA – Teaching English as a Foreign Language to Adults (RSA,UK)
    CELTYL – Certificate in English Language Teaching for Young Learners (Cambridge,UK)
    PCEd – Post Graduate Certificate in Education (Hong Kong University, Hong Kong SAR)
    MA TEYL – Teaching English to Young Learners (University of York, UK)

    Languages: English, Spanish 

    What inspires you in ELT? 

    Teachers inspire me in ELT. Their dedication, their vocation, their kindness and their strength to keep going despite all kinds of challenges. No-one stays in the profession for long unless they are resolute and focused on developing the next generation. They are the front line, the make or break of the best or worst plans, without them curriculums cannot be delivered.

    Wendy is an international ELT (English Language Teaching) consultant based in Surrey, UK. Her specialism is Young Learners (ages 6 to 17), as well as early literacy, especially for learners of English from non-Roman alphabet languages. She has 25 years of experience in ELT, teacher/trainer training for primary, secondary and vocational contexts and is an author for both published and online materials. Her consulting work has included primary and secondary curriculum reform, training, as well as project managing the writing and editing of language and methodology courses in East Asia, Europe, Middle East & North Africa, Sub-Sahara Africa, South America, South Asia and Wider Europe. She has worked with Ministries of Education, publishers, private training institutes and education providers.

     Wendy is a former member of IATEFL (International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language) YLT Sig (Young Learners & Teenagers Special Interest Group) committee, the Royal Society of Authors and MATSDA (Materials Development Association).  She has published with Macmillan Education, Oxford University Press and Harper Collins. Her special interest is encouraging ‘joined up thinking’ in education. Wendy is a co-founder of ELT-Consultants.

    Wendy was born in Lima, Peru and lived in both Quito and Guayaquil, Ecuador until she was ten. She has lived in Cairo, Egypt, Hong Kong SAR and Las Vegas, USA and is now based in Surrey, UK. She feels very much a global citizen!


    Key words: teacher; primary, secondary, vocational; author in ELT; curriculum reform; teacher/trainer training; Ministries of Education, publishers; IATEFL YLT Sig

  • Coralyn Bradshaw

    Coralyn Bradshaw



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    RSA Certificate TEFLA (Teaching English as a Foreign Language to Adults: International House, London, UK)

    BA Joint Honours French/German (University of Manchester, UK)

    PGCE TEF/SL (Post Graduate Certificate in Education: Teaching English as a Foreign and Second Language, University of Bangor North Wales, UK)

    MA TEYL (Teaching English to Young Learners, University of York, UK)

     Languages: English (native); Spanish, French (professional working proficiency); German (good); Portugese and Italian (understanding); Arabic (basic)

    What inspires you in ELT?

    Observing children enjoy learning is what inspires me in ELT. Observing an English classroom full of pupils who are participating enthusiastically, with joy and curiosity is the greatest reward one can have. The end product of all training, materials development, article writing, or mentoring programme is this tangible and measurable outcome in a classroom. Helping teachers to instill a love of learning in pupils is the force that drives me.

    Coralyn is an international ELT (English Language Teaching) Young Learner specialist (ages 6-17) who has 30 years of experience of EFL teaching, management, teacher/trainer training, materials writing (both published and on-line) and consulting work in East Asia, Europe, Middle East & North Africa, Sub-Sahara Africa and South America.

    She has managed, advised and participated in a wide range of primary and secondary curriculum reforms in developing countries, such as Yemen, Oman, Libya, Sudan, Venezuela and Tanzania.

    Coralyn is a member of IATEFL  (International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language), the Royal Society of Authors and has been a contributor to the Young Learners and Teenagers Special Interests Group publication C&TS. She has published with Pearson Education, Oxford University Press and Usborne. She is particularly interested in classroom management issues, on-line training, helping teachers to develop  teaching materials in under-resourced contexts and professional mentoring. Coralyn is a co-founder of ELT-Consultants.




  • Peter Clements

    Peter Clements

    Associate Consultant


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    Trinity College London DipTESOL (Distinction), CELTA (A)

    MSc Reading, Language and Cognition (University of York, UK)

    BA English Language and Communication (Kings College London

    Materials Development for Language Education (NILE ELT, UK)

    Technology-assisted Language Learning (NILE ELT, UK)


    What inspires you in ELT?

    Knowing that I’ve helped a learner progress and observing the progression first hand is really rewarding. My time with learners in the classroom is just as valuable for me as it is for them! Aside from that, I love experimenting in the classroom and trying to align my practice with findings from SLA research.



    Pete is a teacher and materials writer currently based in Thailand. He has taught in the UK, Europe and extensively across Asia. He has written ELT materials for global organizations and publishers, including Pearson, Macmillan, Cambridge University Press and the British Council. He specializes in writing digital materials to supplement coursebooks, but also enjoys scripting video lessons and copy-editing.

    As well as writing global materials, Pete has written ELT materials for these specific markets: Brazil, China, Turkey, Mexico. He has written extensively for the East and South-east Asia markets, having been a contracted writer for the British Council myClass. This adult, general English course is delivered across 10 counties in Asia.

    Pete blogs at www.eltplanning.com. Through his blog he shares advice for developing teachers around the world, and offers mentorship for DipTESOL trainees. His site has received around 1 million views and has received blog awards from the British Council. He is also a frequent contributor to industry magazines including English Teaching Professional and Modern English Teacher. He is an occasional presenter at face-to-face and online conferences.


  • Briana Rogers

    Briana Rogers

    Associate Consultant


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    Briana Rogers


    MA in English Language Teaching with a focus on Professional Development and Literacy

    RSA Cambridge University Certificate of Teaching English as a Foreign Language to Adults

    Certificate in Education in Emergencies

    Certificate in Monitoring and Evaluation in an NGO context


    What inspires you in ELT?

    Seeing teachers reach their full potential and gaining confidence in themselves to be the best educators they can be. 

    Briana Rogers is an internationally experienced trainer of trainers, teacher-trainer, and curriculum designer. She believes schools provide not only an education but also offer shelter, security, stability, and a sense of normalcy to an entire community. She has spent the last ten years working within SE Asian educational communities (refugees, immigrants, and rural communities) to help develop sound educational systems. 

    She worked as an English Language Fellow with the US Embassy Laos providing training for the Teacher Training Colleges and Universities in the provinces and coached university faculty on writing new master’s and bachelor’s degree curriculum for their English programs.

    She was a leading English Language Consultant for the Ministry of Education Malaysia with their upscaling of primary school English teacher’s program. She designed the programming for 30 schools and facilitated the development of over 300 teachers and lead a team of trainers.

    Briana has worked with INGOs and NGOs that are trying to use a more grassroots approach to change.  Most of the teachers she has worked with have little funds and very little in the way of teaching materials. She developed low resource materials and references as support for schools and provided individual mentoring to aid in the implementation of new materials.    

    She thrives with challenges that involve starting with little and requires the development of a program into something successful and sustainable.   For her, there is nothing more satisfying than looking back and seeing how much has grown from the seeds she has planted.  


  • Tim Thompson

    Tim Thompson

    Associate Consultant

    South Korea

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    MA TESOL (Woosong University, South Korea)

    BBA Marketing/Management (University of Kentucky, USA)


    Presentation, Pitching, and Interview Skills Trainer

    Academic Writing Trainer

    Teacher Trainer

    English Speaking/Writing Examiner

    Copy Editor/Proofreader

    Conference MC


    What inspires you in ELT?

    I am happiest when I see my students develop.  This can come in the form of improving their abilities or changing their attitude toward a skill or task. When students see their improvement, however minor, it can give them the motivation to continue developing on their own.

    I also enjoy working as a copy editor and proofreader.  I try to look at written projects through the eyes of both the writer and the target reader to help the message become as clear and efficient as possible.


    Bio: Tim has been working in the ELT industry in Korea for nearly twenty years.  He has taught at three universities and worked with publishers, government ministries and research centers, major corporations, and training centers to provide academic and professional skills training, interview and language assessment services, proofreading, start-up coaching, and event hosting.

    A popular conference speaker, Tim has been hosted by school and organizations around the world for invited talks and longer training sessions.

    Visit www.timthompsonelt.com for more information and to read Tim’s blog.

  • Helen Marjan

    Helen Marjan

    Associate Consultant

    United Kingdom and Singapore

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    Helen Marjan

    BA Hons in Modern languages, The University of Hull, UK

    Post Graduate Certificate in Education, The University of Hull, UK

    Master of Arts in Teaching English to Young Learners (with distinction) -The University of York, UK


    What inspires you in ELT?

    Knowing that ELT can have such a significant impact on individuals and communities is what motivates me.  Being able to mentor and support others to develop their skills in ELT, whether through training, or through the creation of effective language teaching curricula and materials, is very fulfilling.  Language is the key to effective communication:  it facilitates collaboration, fosters inclusion and promotes cross-cultural understanding. I can’t think of any more worthwhile area to work in.


    Background, Training and Experience

    Helen is a highly experienced and passionate international ELT consultant based in the UK.  Globally mobile her specialisms include curriculum design, materials development, teacher training, trainer training, and using literature as a language teaching tool. 

    Having worked in south-east Asia for 30 years, Helen returned to live in the UK in 2018.  She was the CEO and Director of Studies of one of the leading education brands for young learners in South-East Asia, with branches in Singapore, Malaysia, China and Hong Kong, and as such, she has an in-depth understanding of the needs of students and teachers in Asia. 

    In addition to the above, Helen worked as a Consultant Teaching Fellow with The University of York for ten years on their highly esteemed Masters in Teaching English to Young Learners (MA in TEYL) – both face to face and online versions.  She supported students from all over the world with their Masters level studies, giving her access to the latest ideas and research in education. 

    Helen’s experience and expertise spans right across the age range: she set up and designed the curriculum for a number of successful bi-lingual preschools in Singapore, and has taught, trained and written ELT curricula and materials for primary, secondary and adult learners.  She is also an experienced speaker at international ELT conferences.

    Helen has worked closely with a range of different educational institutions including Ministries of Education, universities, publishers, private training institutes and education providers.  Most recently, she has been working as a senior consultant for Marshall-Cavendish, writing a four level early years program for a new start-up in Shanghai, and is developing a STEAM program for a company in China. 

    Helen also believes it is important to give back when working in the field of ELT;  in 2015, she designed a training program for volunteer teachers going out to work in NGOs in Cambodia, and went in person to work with Cambodian teacher-volunteers in some of the orphanages in Siem Reap.


  • Kate Cory-Wright

    Kate Cory-Wright

    Associate Consultant


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    B.A. Hons. Degree in Language and Linguistics (2:1) University of York, UK and University of Tuebingen, Germany.
    Postgraduate Certificate in Education: Secondary (EFL/ESL) Institute of Education, University of London, UK.
    Languages: English, Spanish; German (high proficiency), Portugese, Swahiliand Franch (pre-intermediate)
    What inspires you in ELT?

    Early on in my career I attended a truly inspiring conference in Colombia entitled “English for Peace”. Hundreds of teachers came by bus from all over the country to discuss ways to incorporate the issue of peace into our EFL classes, to help a generation of young people that had only known war.

    Thanks to those Colombian educators, I began to see English as even more than a tremendous tool for communication. For me, it also became a means to help shape people’s lives, by raising awareness of global issues and values, understanding other people’s cultures, and developing thinking skills. That conference set off my lifelong passion for CLIL, development education, extensive reading, and ICT.

    The knowledge that EFL/ESL can have such a huge impact motivates me in my work every day, as a teacher, a teacher trainer, and an ELT author.

    Kate is an international ELT (English Language Teaching) consultant based in Quito, Ecuador.  She has 25 years experience in teaching, teacher training and writing ELT materials. She has taught general English, EAP, ESP and Young Learners. She has delivered courses in vocational and masters programmes. She has worked at private language schools in Brazil, Bolivia, Ecuador, Spain and the UK. Over the past 20 years she has given over 500 academic seminars, workshops and short courses in ELT in Latin America, the Middle East and East Asia.


    Kate has published materials with National Geographic Learning, Cambridge University Press, Macmillan, as well as website materials for National Geographic Learning, Macmillan and Cengage/Epals. She is a member of TESOL and IATEFL,as well as the Society of Authors and the International Teacher Development Institute. She is fluent in Spanish and German, as well as a pre-intermediate speaker of Portuguese,Swahili and French.




  • Juana Sagaray

    Juana Sagaray

    Associate Consultant


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    Juana Sagaray


    Teacher of English. (UPEL, Venezuela)
    TESOL certificate: School For International Training. (Costa Rica)
    The United States Department of State. Institute on Contemporary U.S. Literature. (Louisville University, Kentucky, USA)
    Training English Teacher for Primary Education. (British Council Venezuela)
    MEd in Literature. (UPEL, Venezuela)
    Doctor in Education (UPEL, Venezuela)
     Languages: Spanish (native), English

    What inspires you in ELT?

    The conviction that human beings learn when they feel they are in an environment where they feel at ease and have confidence to participate and engage in a process that well enable  them to acquire the language. The fact that it is possible to make learning happen by providing this environment and the necessary tools, methodology, activities according to the learners' interests and necessities. To see how students progress and grow, these are some of the things that inspire me as an English teacher.


    Juana has been a teacher of English as a foreign language at a teaching training college in Venezuela (UPEL), for 19 years.  She has worked with all level of education from kindergarten to graduate courses. She’s one of the founders of the Masters program in English teaching and she is an active professor in this program. For the last six years, she has been the Head of the Linguistics Department at UPEL.


    She worked in an ELT project for the British Council, designing teaching materials for primary school teachers in Venezuela.


    Juana is a member of TESOL (Teachers of English for Students of Other Languages). She has delivered workshops in the teaching training area. She has also been an active researcher in the areas of language teaching and literature and has presented numerous lectures. She has written for the Spanish journal of education “Magister”


    Key words: Venezuela, primary, secondary, undergraduate courses, graduate courses, UPEL, British Council, teacher training, TESOL.



  • Maria Teresa Fernandez

    Maria Teresa Fernandez

    Associate Consultant


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    Maria Fernandez


    Teacher of English. (UPEL, Venezuela)
    Training English Teacher for Primary Education. (British Council Venezuela)
    MEd in Teaching of Literature in English. (UPEL, Venezuela)

    Languages: Spanish (native), English

    What inspires you in ELT?

    As an EFL teacher, I can say that one of the things that inspires me the most is to see students' progress. Sometimes learners don't believe they can do it, but when they give it a try and finally achieve it , it's something that really feeds my spirit.  


    Maria works as English teacher trainer at UPEL. She has administered several subjects from the English teacher training pensum that include courses of language learning levels, grammar, teaching methodology and evaluation, and literature. She has worked in secondary education, undergraduate and graduate levels. She has also done in-company teaching of EFL and ESP. she has been a college teacher of English for 9 years.

     Since 2011 until the present time, she has been the Foreign language program coordinator at UPEL.  

     She worked in an ELT project for the British Council, designing teaching materials for primary school teachers in Venezuela. She also worked for the British Council as a trainer of primary school teachers

    She has delivered workshops in the teaching training area. She has also been an active researcher in the areas of language teaching and literature and has presented numerous lectures. She has written for the Spanish journal of education “Magister”

    Key words: Venezuela, primary, secondary, undergraduate courses, graduate courses, UPEL, British Council, teacher training.



  • Jennifer Borch

    Jennifer Borch

    Associate consultant


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    M.A. TESOL – Saint Michael’s College, Colchester, VT, USA

    M.A. French – University of Vermont, Burlington, VT, USA

    B.A. French – University of Vermont, Burlington, VT, USA

    Languages: English, French, Spanish (elementary)

    What inspires you in ELT? 

    Enthusiastic students who understand that English can be a ticket to a global world inspire me. Their motivation to learn, to excel, to dream, and to achieve is contagious.

    Jennifer is an international ELT (English Language Teaching) associate based in Vermont, USA. She has spent much of the past 20 years in language education both in the United States and abroad. She has worked on language and culture projects in Morocco, Vietnam, and France. In the United States, much of her work is focused on refugee-background students. Her areas of expertise include English language instruction through service learning projects, virtual cultural exchange, and integrating technology in the classroom for authentic language learning experiences. Jennifer also has extensive instructional experience in early literacy.

    Most recently, while serving as an English Language Fellow through the U.S. Department of State in Morocco, Jennifer conducted regular teacher training throughout the country, worked with local NGOs on language and leadership programs, engaged in virtual cultural exchange programs, and gained experience with ELT for visually impaired learners.

    Jennifer’s consulting work has included test item writing, test-scoring, standards-setting, authoring and editing teaching materials, and providing online professional development seminars.  

  • Sarah Hillyard

    Sarah Hillyard

    Associate consultant


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    Sarah Hillyard


    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sarah-hillyard-13698565/

     ·       From Teacher to Trainer (NILE Online)

    ·       MA in Teaching English to Young Learners (University of York, UK)

    ·       Degree in Teaching English in Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary (Asociación Argentina de Cultura Inglesa, Buenos Aires, Argentina)


    Languages: English and Spanish (bilingual)

     Sarah is an ELT consultant, teacher trainer and author based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She was born in Marbella, Spain, to English parents and has been brought up to speak English as her first language. As she spent three years in Spain and has lived the rest of her life in Argentina, she is also fluent in Spanish.

     She has been involved in training giving conference talks, workshops and webinars for publishers, schools and other institutions. She has experience as an online tutor for NILE’s course “Teaching English in Pre-primary Education”. Her specialism is Very Young Learners (ages 2 to 6). Not only does she plan her own sessions, she also designs presentations with notes for other trainers to deliver.

     She has written materials for pre-primary and primary level for Macmillan Education. Most recent publications include guides for teachers on using puppets in the pre-primary and primary classroom, digital questions for a teacher’s resource pack and articles in online journals.

     She has written projects (including STEAM projects) and developed language syllabi for bilingual schools in Buenos Aires. She is involved in lesson observation and feedback to improve teachers’ performance and provides in-service development for staff.

  • Lee MacKenzie

    Lee MacKenzie

    Associate consultant


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    MA TESOL, Sheffield Hallam University

    DELTA, Cambridge English

    CELTA Main Course Tutor, Cambridge English

    Cert TESOL tutor, Trinity College London

    IH COLT certificate, International House World

    Director of Studies certificate, International House Barcelona

    Train the trainer certificate, International House Barcelona

    Cambridge speaking examiner (KET, PET, FCE, CAE)

    Languages: English, Spanish and German

    Lee has over a decade of experience in the field of ELT. He has worked on over 20 CELTA courses spanning four continents as a teacher trainer for Cambridge English. In addition, he has worked as a Director of Studies in both Europe and South America. He holds a DELTA and an MA in TESOL. He has published in the ELT Journal, the IH Journal, The Teacher Trainer Journal, and English Teaching and Learning. He is currently working on his PhD in Education. Originally from the U.K., Lee speaks Spanish and German in addition to English. He is currently based in Barranquilla, Colombia, where he works as a Business English lecturer and ELT researcher. He also works as a freelance teacher educator, and most recently has delivered workshops for Macmillan Publishers in various locations in Peru. His research interests include, teacher reflection, CLIL, bilingual education, social justice and critical pedagogy. 

  • Orlando Delgado Mata

    Orlando Delgado Mata

    Associate Consultant


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    Bio Data


    MA in Teacher Education - The University of Manchester

    MBA - Warwick University Business School (current)

    CELTA, ICELT, DELTA Assessor 

    Orlando Delgado Mata currently works as the Director of  Teacher Training & Development  Operations for IH in Mexico, leading the 15 IH TT branches in the country . He is also a member of the executive board of directors. He has worked as a trainer for over 10 years now, in Mexico, the US, the UK, Ukraine, Italy, Canada, Tunisia, Venezuela, Ecuador and Argentina, and as a freelance coursebook writer for the University of Dayton. He is also a very active CELTA, ICELT and Delta Assessor, travelling in Europe, North, Central and South America assessing other Cambridge Assessment English centres. In his executive role, he has been the Director of TT & Development Operations for 7 years so far. He remains actively involved in professional development and reflective practice and holds an  MA in Teacher Education from The University of Manchester. He is currently taking an MBA with Warwick University  Business School. As Director of Operations, he has led and implemented projects to maximise capacity and service production, meet evolving market demands and supply in teacher training operations in Mexico, and develop new innovative products and operation processes in conjunction with the Director of Sales and Marketing.



  • Pattie Harries

    Pattie Harries

    Associate Consultant

    Vancouver, Canada

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    MA Teaching English to Young Learners University of York, UK                                              

    Cambridge English CELTA and YL Extension Trainer                                             

    MA English Language Teaching University of Reading, UK                                             

    PGCE English (Secondary) Institute of Education, University College London, UK                                        RSA UCLES Diploma TEFLA

    RSA UCLES Certificate TEFLA

     BA (Hons) English Studies University of Nottingham, UK


    Pattie has extensive experience working in education in the UK, Mexico, SE Asia, Australia, the US and Canada.  She has taught English to young learners (primary and secondary) and adults, managed operations for educational projects, and worked in teacher training and development on Ministry of Education projects, in universities, and at language schools and colleges.  More recently, Patti has written young learner materials for Oxford University Press Mexico, and co-presented at international conferences (IATEFL, TESOL, MEXTESOL) on teacher training and evidence-based teaching and learning.



Europe & Wider Europe

  • Fiona Connolly

    Fiona Connolly

    Associate Consultant

    Eire and United Kingdom

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    BTEC HND Business and Finance (Thames Valley University, London, UK)
    CAMBRIDGE/RSA CERT TEFLA – Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language to Adults (Cambridge/RSA, UK)
    CAMBRIDGE/RSA DELTA – Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults (Cambridge/RSA, UK)
    MA TESOL - Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (Sheffield Hallam University, UK)


    Fiona is an international ELT (English Language Teaching) consultant based between Ireland and the UK. Her specialism is in Teacher Training and she has been an accredited Cambridge ESOL CELTA tutor since 2000, working with mostly pre-service English Language teachers in a variety of contexts in Europe and further afield. She has also been involved in a number of Primary and Secondary Teacher-Training and Trainer-Training projects, most recently in Tunisia, Peru, Lebanon and South Sudan.


    Fiona has over 24 years of training and teaching experience, including mentoring and training new Teachers and Teacher Trainers, teaching English for Academic Purposes to both Undergraduate and Postgraduate learners, in-house Business English Teaching, Cambridge Examination preparation and the teaching of Younger Learners. She has also been involved in both Academic and Administrative Management in the Private Sector, with experience in course and materials design, production of literature for marketing purposes and the development of resources.   



  • Dr Harry Kuchah Kuchah

    Dr Harry Kuchah Kuchah

    Associate Consultant

    United Kingdom and Cameroon

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    BA in Bilingual Lettres (English & French), University of Yaounde, 1994
    MA in English Literacy Studies,  University of Yaounde, 1996
    Post Graduate Degree in Teach Education, Yaounde College of Education, 1996
    Mphil in Comparative Literature,University of Yaounde, 2000
    Hornby scholarship - MA in Teaching English to Young Learners (with Distinction), Warwick University, 2007
    PhD in ELT and Applied linguistics, Warwick University, 2013.
    2019 President IATEFL 

    Languages: English, (native) French, West African Pidgin 


    Dr Harry Kuchah Kuchah is a Senior Fellow of the British Higher Education Academy and Lecturer in Language Education at the University of Leeds, UK, where he also serves as Director of the MA TESOL for Young Learners programme. Previously, he worked as an English language teacher, teacher trainer and National Pedagogic Inspector for Bilingualism (English and French) in his home country, Cameroon before moving to the UK. Between September 2011 and August 2018, Harry held teaching and research roles at the Universities of Warwick, Sheffield and Bath in the UK. He has also been involved in a range of teacher education and materials development initiatives in sub-Saharan Africa, South East Asia, the Middle East and Europe. More recently, he has served as a Consultant with the Council of Europe developing the foreign language education policy profile for Albania and with Windle Trust International and ELT Consultants in South Sudan.

    In 2017 Harry was recognised by TESOL International Association as one of ‘30 upcoming leaders’ in ELT globally. He is currently President of the International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL) and member of the British Council English Language Advisory Group. His research interests include Teaching English to Young Learners, English Medium Instruction, Language teacher education and continuous professional development as well as Language education in challenging contexts and he has published extensively in these areas. His co-edited book, International Perspectives on Teaching English in Difficult Circumstances (Palgrave Macmillan) was published in April 2018. He has also co-authored coursebooks for English language in nursery and primary schools in French speaking Africa. Harry is a member of the Hornby Alumni community.

    His volunteer roles include:  President of IATEFL,  Development Manager of the IATEFL Research Sig, E-bulletin (Editor) Research Network on Learner Autonomy (ReNLA), Committee member of the Teaching English in Large Classes (TELC) Research Network, Cameroonian English Language Teacher’s Association (CAMELTA), and is a past events co-ordinator of the IATEFL YLT Sig. Harry has also been a teacher trainer for the American Peace Corps in Cameroon. Harry is an Associate Consultant for ELT-Consultants.

  • Fiona Malcolm

    Fiona Malcolm

    Associate Consultant

    Scotland, United Kingdom

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    BA HONS Politics with History (Caledonian University, Glasgow, UK)
    Trinity TESOL – Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (Trinity College/Langside College, UK)
    YOUNGER LEARNERS’ EXTENSION (Cambridge/British Council, Bahrain)
    CAMBRIDGE DELTA – Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults (Cambridge/ IH Barcelona, Spain.)
    MA TESOL - Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (Sheffield Hallam University, UK).


    Fiona is an international ELT (English Language Teaching) consultant based in Scotland and globally mobile. Her specialisms include the use of drama and storytelling with primary and secondary learners (ages 6 to 17), as well as extensive teacher training projects. She has 20 years of experience in ELT, teacher / trainer training for primary, secondary and university contexts. Her consulting work has included primary and secondary curriculum development, teacher development and training, mentor development delivery and support, as well as crafting SMS Language courses for both Orange and Nokia in Kenya and Senegal. She has worked with Ministries of Education, publishers, private training institutes, education providers and external stakeholders.

    Fiona has worked in a variety of countries such as South Korea, Turkey, Bahrain, Sultanate of Oman, United Arab Emirates, Libya, Egypt, Tanzania, Rwanda, Kazakhstan and Ukraine and has lead workshops and presented papers at TESOL Arabia and other ELT conferences in the United Arab Emirates and other countries in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). She was most recently published in IATEFL Young Learners and Teenagers SIG, "Puppet Power - beyond the Primary frontier" Issue 1 2015.


    Fiona is an Associate Consultant with ELT-Consultants

  • Tania Pugliese

    Tania Pugliese

    Associate Consultant

    Sardinia, Italy

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    Tania Pugliese
    CELTA Teacher Trainer
    IELTS & PET examiner
    MSc in ELT Management (University of Surrey, UK)
    DTEFLA - Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults (British Council, Milan, Italy)
    Degree in Anglo-American Literature – (University of Genoa, Italy)

    Languages: Italian (native), English 

    What inspires me in ELT?

    The people. Meeting new people, learning from them as much as they learn from me. The enriching experience of giving and receiving from people of all walks of life, each with their own special cultural and personal background. The joy of hearing their stories, exchanging views and discovering their worlds, is surely one of the most fascinating and motivating aspects of my work.




    Tania is an international ELT (English Language Teaching) teacher trainer and University lecturer based in Olbia, Italy. She enjoys working with both aspiring and experienced teachers to develop their skills within challenging contexts. Tania has extensive experience training teachers from different educational backgrounds to help them become competent ELT practitioners.  


    She has been working in the ELT industry for over 20 years and has participated in various projects for the British Council, Ministries of Education, Higher Colleges of Technology, private training institutes, education providers in primary, secondary and vocational contexts. She loves discovering new places and learning about different cultures. She holds dual nationality, is tri-lingual and she has worked in a variety of countries such as China, Morocco, Tunisia, Bangladesh, Italy, Syria and the United Arab Emirates. She currently trains teachers for the Cambridge accredited CELTA teacher training course around the world. She also lectures at the University of Sassari on their under gradutate and post graduate course, she is an IELTS and PET examiner, and delivers teacher training and professional development units on request. Her work as Assistant Teaching Centre Manager at the British Council, Tunis, and Chair of English at the Higher Colleges of Technology, Sharjah, UAE, has given her deep insight into curriculum development as well as setting up mentoring and CPD programmes for teachers.   


    Tania has lead workshops and presented papers at IATEFL Dubai and other ELT conferences in the United Arab Emirates. Tania is an Associate Consultant with ELT-Consultants.


    Key words: Dubai UAE, primary, secondary, British Council, Ministries of Education, China, Morocco, Tunisia, Syria, Bangladesh, United Arab Emirates, Italy, CELTA, DTEFLA, IATEFL

  • Rosie Anderson

    Rosie Anderson

    Associate Consultant


    View bio
    Rosie Anderson
    CELTA Teacher Trainer
    DELTA (Bell 2000)
    IELTS, KET& PET examiner
    BA Geography (Newcastle-Upon-Tyne University, UK)

     Languages: English (native); French (excellent); Thai (very good speaking); Spanish (basic all skills)

    Rosie is an international ELT (English Language Teaching) teacher trainer based in Brindisi, Italy. She enjoys working with both aspiring and experienced teachers to develop their skills within challenging contexts. Rosie has extensive experience training teachers from different educational backgrounds and contexts to help them become competent ELT practitioners.  


    She has been working in the ELT industry for over 20 years and has participated in various projects for the British Council, Ministries of Education, Higher Colleges of Technology, private training institutes, education providers in primary, secondary and vocational contexts. She loves discovering new places and learning about different cultures. She holds British nationality, speaks French and Thai, and she has worked in a variety of countries such as Thailand, The United States of America, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Argentina, UK, Italy, Kuwait and Australia. She currently works for the Cambridge accredited CELTA teacher training course around the world as a freelance CELTA tutor and administrator. She has experience in setting up new Cambridge CELTA centres and training new Cambridge ESOL trainers. She is an IELTS, KET and PET examiner and has experience of curriculum design and development within the British Council in Egypt, Thailand and Saudi Arabia. She set up the Young Learner Programme at the British Council in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, the model of which has been replicated in all British Councils within Saudi Arabia. She re-designed both YL and Teen curriculums at The British Council, Thailand, which were cascaded through all BC Bangkok centres. She has delivered in-house training for British Council YL teachers in Thailand, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. She delivered TKT General, YL and CLIL training for local primary and secondary school teachers at King Abdulaziz University of Science and Technology (Saudi Arabia), the first co-educational programme in Saudi Arabia.


    Rosie is an Associate Consultant with ELT-Consultants.

    Key words: teacher training, materials development, curriculum design, primary, secondary, British Council, Ministries of Education, Egypt, Thailand, The United States of America, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Argentina, UK, Italy, Kuwait and Australia, CELTA, DELTA, Cambridge ESOL

  • Nele Noe

    Nele Noe

    Associate Consultant

    Belgium & Peru

    View bio

    Nele Noe

    BED in Secondary Education, major in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (KDG College, Belgium)
    MA in TEFL/TESL - Teaching English as a Foreign/Second Language (University of Birmingham, UK)
    Teaching License ESL - English as a Second Language Pre-Kindergarten- Grade 12 (State of Virginia, USA)
    MA in International Educational Leadership and Policy (University of Maryland, USA)
    Certificate in Project Development and Management in NGOs (Human Rights Education Association, USA)
    Certificate in Monitoring and Evaluation in NGOs(Human Rights Education Association, USA)
    Jolly Phonics and Grammar Certified Trainer (Jolly Learning, UK)
    Certificate International Leadership and Management (ILMP)(Council of International Schools & Fieldwork Education, UK)
    CELTA Pass A - Certificate in English Language Teaching for Adults (International House, Colombia)
    Diploma in Teacher Training LLTC Level 6(London Teacher Training College, UK) (in progress)

    Languages: English (native); Dutch and French (fluent professional proficiency); German & Spanish (basic) 

    Nele is an international education consultant. Her areas of expertise are teacher training and young learners (ages 4-16). She has more than 17 years of ELT experience in teaching primary, secondary and adult learners and as a teacher trainer. She has developed and delivered customized training courses and workshops for early childhood, primary and secondary teachers in the Middle East, Europe, Asia and South America working on both pre-service and in-service teacher training, coaching and mentoring projects. She also has experience developing teacher and teacher training programs and materials for a wide range of audiences. As an educational consultant she has worked on school start-up, school improvement, staff performance management and accreditation projects and has held senior leadership roles in schools and language institutes. Besides government and private school contracts, she has worked with publishers, NGOs, private language institutes and other education providers globally. Recently she has been working on government teacher training projects with primary and secondary English teachers in Turkey, Peru and Lebanon.


    Key words: teacher training, young learners, Middle East, Europe, Asia, South America, pre-service, in-service, coaching & mentoring, school start-up, school improvement, staff performance management, accreditation

  • Kerry Powell

    Kerry Powell

    Associate Consultant

    England, United Kingdom

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    Kerry Powell
    MA TEYL – Teaching English to Young Learner (University of York, UK)
    RSA Dip TEFL
    BA Hons

    Languages: English, Spanish

    What inspires you in ELT?

    I am passionate about education and life-long learning and the journey to find out how we can really contribute to our communities and the world. I love my work, especially working with professionals from around the world as it gives me a sense of being part of a global community. Through education, I see the opportunity for us to discover more about ourselves – our passions and talents - as well as marvelling at the wonder of the world around.  

    Kerry has over thirty years of experience as a teacher, in teacher development and as a writer. She has worked in English language teaching organisations and International schools in Europe and South America and in the UK state primary and secondary schools. Her experience includes teaching and management in primary and international schools and teaching, teacher training and coordination in ELT organisations.

    In addition to teaching and teacher development, over the past six years, much of her time has been spent writing educational materials for the international ELT market. This has included writing readers, teacher’s books, course books, supplementary booklets and materials for an e-learning course.

    Over her career, Kerry has worked with teachers from all over the world and has lived in 8 different countries. She has run teacher development courses for organisations such as Pilgrims, the British Council, Bell, Lal, and ELC and has presented at various international conferences.

    In her free time, she enjoys volunteering as a Room/Tour Guide and gardener for the National Trust, volunteering for the RHS Schools programme in Surrey, playing in a concert band, writing for pleasure and long walks in the Surrey countryside.  She currently lives on a boat in the UK with her Peruvian dog.

    Key words: teacher; primary, secondary; author in ELT; teacher/trainer training; IATEFL YLT Sig committee; IATEFL YLT Sig C&Ts co-editor
  • Natalia Tsarikova

    Natalia Tsarikova

    Associate Consultant

    Tashkent, Uzbekistan

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    Natalia Tsarikova

    Diploma in TEFL (Pedagogical Institute, Uzbekistan)

    Certificate in Trainer Training (OSI - Uzbekistan)

    Certificate in Mentor Trainer Training course (Nepal, British Council)

    MA in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (SIT, Brattleboro, VT, USA)

    Languages: Russian (native), English (fluent)


    Natalia is an international ELT (English Language Teaching consultant) based in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. She has worked as an international ELT projects manager, teacher trainer and materials developer.

    Natalia has over 8 years of project management experience with the British Council leading on ELT projects in Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Nepal, Kazakhstan, Bangladesh, Iran and Afghanistan, which aimed at raising the levels of English and teaching of in-service English teachers. She has an extensive experience of working with ministries of education and organisaion of international conferences with the representatives from ministries, teacher training institutions and teacher associations. She also has experience of managing a vocational education and primary textbook development project in Uzbekistan and organization of related policy dialogue events with major stakeholders.

    Natalia has 16 years of experience in ELT in the capacity of a teacher, trainer, project manager and materials developer for in-service teacher development programmes in Uzbekistan for school, college and university teachers. She presented at local and international conferences.

  • Nik Peachey

    Nik Peachey

    Associate Consultant-digital education specialist

    England, United Kingdom

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    Nik Peachey

    M.Ed. Educational Tech & ELT University of Manchester 2004

    UCLES Approved CELTA Trainer International House, Barcelona, Spain 1998

    RSA Diploma TEFLA International House, London UK 1997

    RSA Certificate TEFLA International House, Cairo, Egypt 1992


    Nik is a digital education expert with 20+ years' international experience. He has a diverse

    skill-set encompassing digital content production, team management; syllabus and

    curriculum design, product and course design; project management; instructional

    design; faculty recruitment, training and development; technical liaison between tech and

    content teams, thought leadership and digital marketing.

    Previous clients and employers have included GoogleLabs, British Council, International

    House, Open University, Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, Macmillan,

    Bell Educational Services, Westminster University and many more.


    Innovation in Teacher Resources - Shortlisted for June 2016

    ‘Digital Video - A Manual for Language Teachers’ - Independent iBook production.

    Excellence in Course Innovation - Winner 2012

    ‘Blended Learning in ELT’ - Online course designed for Bell Educational Services.

    Innovation in ELT Materials - Runner up 2010

    ‘Daily English Activities’ - Independent blog.

  • Thanh Nguyen

    Thanh Nguyen

    Associate Consultant

    England, United Kingdom

    View bio


    Trinity DipTESOL


    BA Hons Open Degree (Pacific Studies and History)

    Languages: English (native), Vietnamese (basic), Arabic (very basic)

    Thanh was born and brought up in Birmingham, UK and has been teaching English since 2007 and has taught in Indonesia, Yemen, UK and Sudan. His main interests are in teaching English to young learners in large classes in ‘difficult’ circumstances, syllabus design and teacher training. Thanh has worked on Sudan’s English Language Curriculum Reform Project (ELCR), where he designed and delivered a ToT (Training of Trainers) course to over 200 teachers across Sudan. He has also worked on smaller projects, such as report writing courses for business clients, reading and writing syllabus for young learners preparing the Cambridge Primary Checkpoint exams as well as having Cambridge YLE and IELTS examining experience.

  • Kate Gregson

    Kate Gregson

    Associate Consultant


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    Kate Gregson


    MA in Teaching English to Young Learners (University of York, UK)

    Cambridge Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults (DELTA)

    Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language to Adults (University of Aston, UK)

    BSc (Hons) in European Studies and Modern Languages (German) (University of Aston, UK)

     Languages: English (native), French, German and Japanese

    Kate has worked in the ELT industry for over 20 years in a wide range of contexts and countries. She has had extensive experience of teaching English to adults and young learners at primary, secondary and tertiary levels in South America, East Asia, the Middle East and Europe in this time. Kate has also been a pre- and in-service teacher trainer for many years. She was involved in in-service training in Hong Kong, worked in the UAE training pre-service primary and secondary school teachers and has supervised teachers as students at Master’s level for many years.


    She currently works freelance on various projects: training, materials and course writing and teaching. She has written and content edited teacher online training courses for Cambridge English, young learner teaching materials for Oxford University Press and has been involved in other projects with ELT providers. During her time with the British Council, Kate also managed ELT projects with partners and was involved in resources management, teacher management, course design and professional development for staff.


    Kate lives in France and is an associate consultant with ELT-Consultants. She is a native English speaker, but also speaks French, German and Japanese.


  • Pete Sharma

    Pete Sharma

    Associate Consultant-IT and ELT specialist

    England, United Kingdom

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    Pete Sharma

    M. Ed in Educational Technology and ELT, Manchester University 2006

    COLTE Certificate of On-line Teaching of English, NetLearn languages 2002

    Skills of Teacher training, International House, Hastings 1994

    RSA Diploma, International House, Hastings 1990

    M.A. (Cantab) English Literature 1981

    Pete currently works as a pre-sessional lecturer in EAP (English for Academic Purposes) and as a business English teacher. He is Director of Training for Pete Sharma Associates (PSA), a teacher trainer and consultant, specialised in Technology-enhanced language learning and Blended Learning. He worked for many years in business English as a teacher trainer, materials writer and training manager. Pete is a regular conference presenter at IATEFL (International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language) and BESIG (Business English Special Interest Group) conferences and has given plenary talks and keynotes at conferences around the world.


    Include development of online training modules for using ICT in ELT; delivery of online courses on Blended Learning for iTDi and PSA (Pete Sharma Associates) 2015 / 2016 using Google+ and English360 platforms; Director of Summer School in ICT E-Sharing for the British Council, Argentina (February 2012); Trainer on British Council Roadshow Plugged in and Connected Argentina (2013) and developing a grid of technology competences for language teachers as part of CPD.


    Languages: Spanish (fluent) / French (re-intermediate) / German (beginner)

    Pete was the Newsletter Editor of the IATEFL CALL Review 2008-2009

    His passions include film, travel and yoga.

  • Jennifer Dobson

    Jennifer Dobson

    Associate Consultant


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    Cambridge RSA/DELTA – Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. (Cambridge English Language Assessment)

    IH-Certificate in Teaching Very Young Learners. (International House)

    Joint BA Hons. Degree in English (linguistics and literature) and Theatre studies. (University of Lancaster, UK)

    Cert ICT - Certificate in Teaching Languages with Technology. (Trinity College London/The Consultants-e)

    E-moderation - A training course for online tutors. (The Consultants-e)

    mLearning in practice – Training course for learning with mobile devices. (The Consultants-e)

    IH-COLT 4 – Certificate in Online Tutoring. (International House)


    Languages: English and Spanish.


    What inspires you in ELT?


    I particularly love teaching YLs and VYLs, and find it as equally inspiring to see the progress in a child’s language learning, as much as seeing their personal development.

    In the classroom, I very much enjoy working with the young leaners on the importance of encouraging caring values, and learning skills, that are transferrable to their outside lives.

    I love the fun of telling stories, singing songs, doing craft, playing games and seeing the world through a child’s eyes.

    I especially enjoy a child’s excitement, when teaching CLIL at early years, when you’re the first person to have shown the children, the magical things about the world around them.

    I’m also a fan of all things techy, and like to maintain a balance between the best of hands-on fun, with the latest exciting digital developments.


    Jennifer is a teacher, teacher trainer, and published elt author, based in Southern Spain, where she also worked as an ICT coordinator. She has written and edited primary and early years materials for Oxford University Press, Pearson, and Cambridge University Press. Most recent publications for Oxford University Press include being the storybook writer and co-author of the Starter level of ‘Daisy, Robin and Me’. She’s also recently written some of the recent Oxford University Press pre primary and primary ‘How to’ methodology guides.

    She’s been involved in teaching training for over 20 years, giving conference talks, training sessions, webinars and methodology courses for publishers, teacher groups and associations, as a local DELTA tutor for Bell and International House, and on Pilgrims summer courses. She enjoys equally training both online and f2f.

  • Chris Goodchild

    Chris Goodchild

    Associate Consultant - IT specialist

    England, UK

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    Chris is a writer who delights in helping others to achieve. Whether it be life skills or more technical material, Chris is capable of taking complex concepts and making them accessible to people who are either new to the field or for whom their primary language is not English.

    As you'd expect from someone with a background in Engineering and IT, Chris values clarity, accuracy and practicality. His published non-fiction books help people in honing life skills and dealing with chronic illness. In a more technical vein, he has written IT training courses introducing Computer Networking and Microsoft Office skills. Additionally he has prepared training manuals, and delivered training, for a variety of software products.

    Chris spent 13 years working his way up through the IT sector before deciding to become his own boss. These days he works on a wider spread of projects, with a greater variety of people, having much more fun and, consequently, producing his best quality work.

    BEng (Hons) - Civil Engineering, Nottingham University
    ITIL v2 Foundation
    Six Sigma Tools & Techniques
    ITIL v3 Foundation

  • Christina Taylor

    Christina Taylor

    Associate Consultant - SEN (special educational needs) specialist

    England, UK

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    Christina Taylor

    England, United Kingdom

    TEFL – Teaching English as a foreign language

    Dyslexia and foreign language teaching (Future Learn)

    MA DiP – Special Educational Needs (Liverpool John Moores’ University, UK)

    PGCE Secondary Science (Edge Hill University, Ormskirk UK)’

    BSc (HONS) Applied Science (Liverpool John Moores’ University, UK)


    Christina is currently resigned from teaching to take care of her son, Noah until he goes to school.

    Christina began her career as a Secondary Science teacher to students in KS3 and KS4 at a school in a deprived area in the UK; she taught biology, physics and chemistry. Christina thoroughly enjoyed working with the young people, who presented many challenges and in her second year of teaching was promoted to Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO), a role which she did alongside her teaching. She trained for her MA DiP (SEN) while working as SENCO and teacher. This role gave her a much more in depth understanding of the needs of young people and what provisions and strategies they required for their needs to be met and barriers to education overcome. In her fourth year of teaching this role was expanded to “Inclusion leader” this involved ensuring that all students in the school community has access to a full and varied national curriculum despite any needs, disabilities or differences that they may have. This role exposed her to working with many different support agencies within the community which she learnt a lot about meeting the needs of young people from.

    After 8 years of working in the UK, in the same establishment, Christina moved to the United Arab Emirates and took on the task of developing an Individual Needs department in an International School in Dubai. Here she gained experience working with students from Year 1 to Year 13, and was also Child Protection Officer. After 3 years she decided that she would like to immerse herself in the local culture more and began working in a local Primary School for boys. Here her role as Year 3 teacher was expanded to Head of Humanities and Head of Personal, Health and Social Education in her second year; she was also a member of the Senior Leadership team in her final year there.

    In all of her various teaching roles Christina has been involved in staff development and provided various training opportunities for staff at her school; in particular developing the learning support assistants. She has also taken on external roles as assessor, curriculum developer and personal tutor. She is passionate about education and has thoroughly enjoyed having the opportunities to work with so many different cultures in her posts in the UAE.

    Christina was born in Liverpool, UK where she was also raised and educated.

  • Anna Phillips

    Anna Phillips

    Associate Consultant

    England, UK

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    Anna Phillips

    England, United Kingdom

    MA tefl (University of Reading, UK)

    RSA Dip tefl

    Published Course Book author

    Ex CELTA trainer and examiner (UK and Middle East)

    Ex Delta trainer (UK and Middle East)

    Languages: English, Italian, French and a few phrases in Arabic!


    What inspires you in ELT?

    The students! In all the areas of ELT I have worked in during a long career, my overriding concern has always been that the students have a successful and enjoyable learning experience. To this end I am also passionate about providing excellent classroom materials that will support teachers in achieving their goals with their students.

     Anna has many years of experience as a teacher, teacher trainer and course book writer. She has worked in language teaching organisations in the UK and the Middle East and has trained teachers in many countries including Oman, the UAE, the UK, Russia, Mexico and Turkey.

     Working and living in the Sultanate of Oman has given Anna  a great deal of insight into the learning needs of native speakers of Arabic and this remains an area of special interest.

     In addition to teaching and training, Anna has written many successful adult and secondary age course books, workbooks and teachers’ guides, including the award-winning Skills in English series for Garnet Education. Published course books cover the following areas of ELT: EAP, ESP, ESAP, CLIL, General English, Exams including Cambridge First and Cambridge Advanced. Some course books were produced with the needs of Arab learners of English very much in mind. Anna also has experience of other aspects of materials including writing and reviewing scope and sequences and test writing.

    Anna has been a judge for the British Council ELTons for several years which helps to keep her up to date with the latest materials and developments in ELT.

    Recently Anna has enjoyed running author training workshops for the Ministry of Education in Dubai. She has further expanded her digital skills by producing online materials for CPD in ELT and also for the Cambridge TKT exam.

    In her free time, Anna enjoys taking her Border Collie for walks, playing badminton and gardening. Most of all she enjoys baking cakes and cooking meals for her grown up family when they come to visit.

  • Julia Mena

    Julia Mena

    Associate Consultant


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    CELTA Certificate

    Fine Arts

    First Aid Babies and Children


    What inspires you in ELT?

    I love working with Early Years, seeing how children of these ages develop, not only their language skills, but also, as people. It´s wonderful to see how much they enjoy learning, how every little thing is a whole new adventure for them, and how, in their English classes they can also discover that blue and red make purple, they can learn how to peg their clothes on a washing line or even use scissors for the first time. But It´s not only the students that learn, as a teacher you see how open the children are to new ideas. They don’t mind if you speak a different language, or if it´s a boy or a girl sitting next to them; everyone’s the same. They’re so keen to experiment and learn about the world and the people around them, that I believe it´s these little people that surprise and show me the most.

    Bio Data

    From a very young age, I have been surrounded by teachers and artists. I studied Fine Arts at University, and then decided to go down another path and I started teaching.

    This proved to be an excellent way to combine my social skills with the ones learnt at University, like the design of worksheets and creation of original art work for ELT materials. I´ve now been teaching for several years and have worked with different ages, from 3 to 65, although my favourite groups are, without doubt, Early Years and Primary.

    As my mother is an ELT author, she’s been involved in creating and developing different projects for years, and I remember spending hours and hours sitting at the beach or in a café, talking about these projects and brainstorming ideas, so you could say I’ve spent my whole life being involved in materials development in some way or other.

    I had no textbook for my first years of Pre Primary teaching and created all my own materials for my 3 to 5 year-old classes at YORK TEFL. This gave me the opportunity to see first hand which worksheets, flashcards, stories, songs and games worked best, and how to adapt them accordingly.

    Last year I worked side by side with my mother for the ELT-Consultants, on the Big Red Bus China Project, which was a fantastic way to be introduced to publishing and the specific writing skills one needs for the job.

    I´m an enthusiastic and creative person, with a fresh approach to ELT projects, keen to develop my existing skills and to learn new ones.

  • Mukhammadkhon Soliev

    Mukhammadkhon Soliev

    Associate Consultant

    Samarkand, Uzbekistan

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    Cambridge Speaking Examiners ( for PET, FCE and CAE)

    B.A. Hons. Degree in Business Administration University of Northampton, Northampton, United Kingdom

    Certificate of Language Proficiency(C1) and teaching for adults, Regional Language Centre of Samarkand Institute of Foreign Languages.

    Certificate of Teaching English to Young Learners, Joint program of US Department of State, Office of English Language Programs and University of Oregon College of Arts and Sciences, American Language Institution, USA

    Certificate of Completion English Grammar and Essay Writing BerkeleyX, University of California, Berkeley EDX1, USA.

    What inspires me?

    Priority for me and for my teaching is help students to use language rather than learn. The motto of our class is: We use English, not just learn. Implementing most up-to-date methodology helps us to provide quality and world-class education to students.

    Biographical data

    Mukhammadkhon is an international ELT (English Language Teaching) teacher and teacher trainer and speaking examiner based in Samarkand, Uzbekistan. Also, he is a founder and director of the most outstanding Language Schools in Central Asia – Innovative Centre, authorized Cambridge English Exam Centre. As a teacher trainer, he enjoys working with both new and experienced teachers to develop their skills within challenging contexts to meet local expectation. Mukhammadkhon has extensive experience in teaching students of different nationalities and cultural backgrounds. In his current work he has taught Uzbek, Tajik and Russian, Irani, Kazakh, Azeri, Korean, Ukrainian, Kyrgyz, Armenian, Turk, Arabian and American-born Uzbek Students. He is good manager, as a graduate of Business school he knows how to attract more students, manage them and set goals.

  • Amanda Davies

    Amanda Davies

    Associate Consultant

    Warsaw, Poland

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    University of Cambridge ESOL | October 2013

    Approved CELTA Trainer

    University of Cambridge ESOL | International House Wroclaw | June 2011 – December 2012

    DELTA Module 1 Pass .  DELTA Module 2 Merit .  DELTA Module 3 Merit

    International House | Santander | December 2009

    International House Certificate in Teaching Young Learners Pass

    University of Cambridge ESOL | International House Moscow | February 2008

    CELTA Pass

    Chelsea College of Art and Design | London |  First Class BA(Hons) Fine Art Painting

    Chelsea College of Art and Design | London | Distinction Foundation Diploma in Art and Design


    Amanda is an experienced teacher, teacher trainer, materials, curriculum and course developer, author and editor, who has also worked extensively in primary and secondary ELT academic management. She’s passionate about young learner teacher professional development and regularly presents at conferences, writes articles and blogs, and trains teachers both face to face and online. She also works as an international educational consultant advising on young learner foreign language learning programmes. She’s worked in the UK, Russia, Spain, Lebanon, Egypt and Turkmenistan, and is based in Poland. Amanda is also the publications editor for the IATEFL young learners and teenagers special interest group.

  • David Bunker

    David Bunker

    Associate Consultant

    Wales, United Kingdom

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    ELT-consultants biodata – David Bunker

    ·       DELTA, Cambridge English

    ·       CELTA Main Course Tutor, Cambridge English

    ·       BA Accountancy, London Metropole University

    ·       e-moderator essentials, British Council

    ·       Young learner extension, British Council

    ·       Materials Development for Language Education (NILE ELT, UK)

    ·       Technology-assisted Language Learning (NILE ELT, UK)

    ·       Languages: English, Spanish, Italian

    What inspires you in ELT?

    For me, helping people progress is the most rewarding part of ELT. I get a feeling of great satisfaction from seeing learners grow in confidence and feel more able to communicate effectively. I also pride in the materials I develop, as even though I don’t see the progress directly, I know good quality content can help teachers and learners all around the world.


    David is a content developer, teacher and trainer who is based in Cardiff, Wales. He has extensive experience as a project manager, editor and writer for adult ELT materials development. His materials have been used in Asia, Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

    As well as content development, David is an active CELTA main course tutor. He has also worked with state school teacher in Malaysia, Morocco and Algeria. He has extensive experience delivering virtual training, though self-access and moderated courses, as well as delivering online training sessions.

    During his time in ELT, David spent 18 years working in Europe, Asia and North Africa but has recently returned to the UK.

Middle East & North Africa

  • Nahla Al Malki

    Nahla Al Malki

    Associate Consultant

    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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    BS Management and Computer Science (Lebanese American University, Lebanon)
    DELTA  - Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (Cambridge ESOL, UK)
    CELTA - Certificate in English Language Teaching for Adults (Cambridge ESOL, UK)

     Languages: Arabic (native), English, French (intermediate)

    What inspires me in ELT?

    I was an English language learner taught by both state and private teachers. Training teachers who once taught me is highly inspiring for me! I work on motivating them by showing them that they can enable their learners to discover and experiment with language at high standards despite limited facilities and time. The moment teachers try, with success, the essential classroom techniques I demonstrate to them, that is what makes me love what I do!


    Nahla is a regional ELT consultant based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. She has a special interest in Teacher Training and is a certified Cambridge ESOL CELTA trainer. She has in depth experience training teachers in the public and private sector around the Gulf region and mainly in Saudi Arabia where she has lived for over 20 years.  Her consultancy work has included teacher training and contribution to course development for ministries and local establishments such as private colleges as well as course development for vocational studies. She was also a part of various teams for projects lead by publishers and consultancy firms such as Macmillan and Pera consulting.  She is a regular trainer at the British Council, Jeddah


    Nahla is a member of TESOL Arabia and KSAALT (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Association for Language Teachers – Jeddah chapter).  She is also a native Arabic speaker making communication with stakeholders in the public sector smooth. Nahla is an Associate Consultant with ELT-Consultants.

  • Anna Hasper

    Anna Hasper

    Associate Consultant

    Dubai, UAE

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    CELTA Certificate– Certificate in English Language Teacher to Adults (Wellington, New Zealand)
    YL Extension to CELTA – Certificate in English Language Teaching to Young Learners (Casablanca, Morocco)
    Delta - Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults (ATTC, Sydney, Australia)
    GradDip in Primary Education – Graduate Diploma in Primary Education (=PGCE) (Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand)
    MEd in Education in Applied Linguistics (Open University, UK)
    Languages: English, Dutch (both native); Swedish, French, German (all upper intermediate); Spanish (low intermediate); Chinese and Arabic (beginner)
    What inspires me in ELT?
    I truly think it’s my love for people and the fact that we can learn so much from our students too, we are all learners is life. It doesn't matter where you are from, where you live, through enstablishing mutual respect we can build on our similarities, and in the end we all seem to want the same… to create better opportunities in life and be happy! Knowing that I can enable learners of English, get them on the way by guiding their first steps of their journey makes me realise I can make a difference in this world. No matter how small that difference might be, having a positive impact on one life can mean better future opportunities for a family, a community or even a village!  Teaching and training keeps me on my toes, it challenges myself professionally and personally and allows me to share my passion for learning, languages and cultures with others! Honestly, I don’t feel like I’ve got a job… it’s a passion I get paid for!


    Anna is an international ELT (English Language Teaching) consultant based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. She’s a self-confessed addict to learning. Her passion is to enable teachers to enhance effective teaching & learning within challenging contexts. Anna’s specialism is enabling primary and secondary school teachers with local constraints, such as limited resources, to become the best teacher they can by enhancing all students’ learning opportunities through engagement.


    She has been working in the ELT industry for over 13 years and has worked on various projects for the British Council, Ministries of Education, private training institutes, education providers and publishers in primary, secondary and vocational contexts. She loves exploring new places and learning about different cultures and she has worked in a variety of countries such as China, Jordan, Morocco, Iran, Uganda, Ethiopia, Senegal, Gabon and Algeria. She currently writes and trains teachers for publishers and delivers a variety of Cambridge accredited teacher training courses (TKT, CELTA, YL Ex & Delta Mod3) around the world. She also writes and delivers bespoke teacher training and professional development units on request. Her work as a Director of Studies and a teacher within the primary school system in New Zealand has given her an insight into curriculum development as well as setting up mentoring and CPD programmes for teachers.  She’s passionate about working with young and very young learners (ages 3 to 13) and is involved in online tutoring of primary and secondary school teachers for the British Council and writing materials and social media resources for local state school teachers. 


    Anna is a member of IATEFL (International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language) YLT Sig (Young Learners & Teenagers Special Interest Group) and has written articles for ETP and Bingo (Kenyan School Journal). She writes and delivers workshops for MacMillan and National Geographic Cengage on student-driven teaching and her special interest is educational psychology, SEN as well as developing higher-level thinking skills and learning to learn. Anna is an Associate Consultant with ELT-Consultants.

Sub-Sahara Africa

  • Jenny Kinnear

    Jenny Kinnear

    Associate Consultant

    South Africa

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    Bachelor of Arts (English and Mathematics as majors) – University of Johannesburg
    Bachelor of Education (Honours) with specialism in Education Management and Adult Learning - – University of Johannesburg
    Higher Education Diploma (with English and Mathematics as majors) – Rand College of Education
    TEFLINK Master course in TEFL - Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)
    Monitoring and Evaluation course (Regenesys) – with special focus on policy implementation

    Languages: English and Afrikaans (native)

    Jenny is an international education and training consultant working from South Africa (SA), with more than 33 years’ experience in teaching, teacher education, and programme and curriculum policy development. She previously was the national Director for Schools for Grades R to 9, where she managed curriculum and assessment policy implementation for all subjects, monitored curriculum implementation is all schools country-wide, and commissioned all curriculum support projects including projects with the British Council, numerous publishers and international consultancies to support English teaching.  In this role, she was also responsible for developing standards, programmes and implementation plans for all 11 Languages and for managing the incremental introduction of African languages in schools in SA.

    With an evidence-based approach to programme development, she is able to bridge policy into practice, and design teacher development strategies and programmes in almost any developmental context, including multi-graded rural contexts.   She has worked in many African contexts, advising on and supporting development of both curriculum and teacher development processes. 

    She has a passion for ensuring that all classrooms remain inclusive environments of learning and teaching, especially in contexts where Languages, social-economic and cultural issues impact on learner performance.  She promotes the ideology that ALL learners can learner, and have the right to access and receive good quality learning opportunities. 

    She has presented at numerous international conferences and government study missions, presented to international study tours (from especially other African countries) on the National Curriculum, was the representative on a Higher Education Task Team on Language Development in South Africa, and evaluated course materials from many different publishers. She remains committed to transforming education practices in her own country as well as contributing to development agendas in other countries.

  • Richard Finch

    Richard Finch

    Associate Consultant

    South Africa

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    Richard Finch.

    B.ED Degree.( Drama and Theatre in Education) University of London, Goldsmiths’ College.

    Diploma in Counselling (Loss and Bereavement Specialism), University of London, Goldsmiths’ College.

    MA (Education) University of Sussex. Curriculum Design and Development. Language Arts.

    Richard is an International Teacher Trainer and  Drama and Language Consultant with more than forty years in Secondary School teaching, University teaching in both the UK and Namibia. Since 2008, he has set up a number of Conferences and Seminars in sub Saharan Africa and has led In Service Courses for Teachers from all phases of Education in Botswana, Burundi, Egypt, Ethiopia, Namibia, Rwanda and Zimbabwe. More recently he has worked in the Caribbean and in Peru.

    Richard has also directed Youth Theatre Productions and Drama Workshops in the UK, Finland, Czech Republic and in other European countries.

    He has a special interest in Literature from around the world and has devised Teachers’ Courses in Literature as a means of developing and enriching Language.