Project: EU-financed project to provide support to the Government of Turkmenistan in the creation of a modern education system in line with international educational standards.

 To understand the current state of affairs in teaching English in Turkmenistan from pre-primary to higher education

To gain insights into the current qualifications of English teachers, their values, perceptions and attitudes towards change

To analyse the English language curriculum, make recommendations and provide training on curriculum writing

To analyse teaching materials and make recommendations

To devise and oversee a training programme for up to 40 master trainers and 800 teachers (74 hour course for master trainers + observation and feedback. 44 hour course for teachers)

Location: Ashgabat, Turkmenistan

Duration: January – December 2018 (6 weeks in country + home based consultancy)

Donor: European Profiles

Status: Awarded

Partner: Pearson UK

Turkmenistan Country facts


5.8 million

GDP per capita ( PPP dollars 2017)


Adult literacy rate ( % of 15 and older)


Gross enrolment rate primary level (% of children of primary age)


Gross enrolment rate secondary  level (% of children of secondary age)


Gross enrolment rate tertiary level  (% of population  of tertiary age)


Primary school drop-out rate


Pupil /Teacher ratio


Expenditure on education (% of GDP)


Source: United Nations Human Development Report 2017