ELT-Consultants was founded in 2010, any projects or events listed before that year were delivered by individual Directors or Associates (please refer to individuals (please refer to individual CV). Projects and events listed in descending year order, with newest first.


Project/Event: Speaker and Project Consultant

Keynote speaker at 3rd Annual Symposium on Teaching Arabic as A Second Language under the title “Developing Coursebooks in Light of International Foreign Language Series”. Providing consultancy on the design of an Arabic as A Second Language Coursebook. Editing content and providing visits to ensure overall consistency in methodology used.

Location: Istanbul/Turkey

Duration: July 2018

Donor: ISAR

Status: Awarded

Partner:  ISAR Foundation 





Project: Trainer Development Course

Development and delivery of training workshops and provision of 1-1 guidance and support for university teachers training to be teacher trainers

Location:  Istanbul, Turkey

Duration:  1 month – February 2016           

Donor: British Council

Status: Awarded

Partner: Bahçeşehir University




Event: Teacher Training: CTL: Certificate in Teaching English. Training local in-service primary teachers in

teaching language in age-appropriate ways and practical teaching skills for young learner classes.

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

Duration:  August 2013 (2 weeks FT) 

Partner: SELT Academy



Event: Teacher training for early years and primary teachers focused on new

methodologies (including story and content-based learning)

Location: North Cyprus

Duration: October 2010

Donor: Macmillan Education 

Partner: Ministry of Education



Event: Designed and delivered trainer-training programmes for the Ministry of Education and short

courses for state school teachers, primary to upper secondary/university plus CELTA

Location: Istanbul and several locations throughout  Turkey

Duration: October 1997 – August 2004

Donor: British Council GFS

Partner:Turkish Ministry of Education



Event: English Language Teacher

The teaching of general English/Cambridge examination preparation to Adults and Younger Learners at all levels. Business English to 1-1 and small group clients in the banking, tourism and textiles industries.

Location:  Istanbul, Turkey

Duration:  October 1991 – July 1992

Donor: English Fast (International House)

Partner: English Fast (International House)




Turkey: Country facts

  • 74.93 million
GDP per capita (2011 PPP$)
  • 18,167.45
Adult literacy rate (% 15 and older)
  • 94.1%
Gross enrolment ratio: primary (% of children of primary school age)
  • 102
Gross enrolment ratio: secondary (% of children of secondary school age)
  • 89
Gross enrolment ratio: tertiary (% of population of tertiary school age)
  • 61
Primary school dropout rates (% of primary school cohort)
  • 4.99
Pupil-teacher ratio
  • n.a.
Expenditure on education (% of GDP)
  • 2.86

Source: United Nations Human Development Reports 2014