ELT-Consultants was founded in 2010, any projects or events listed before that year were delivered by individual Directors or Associates (please refer to individual CV).  Projects and events listed in descending year order, with newest first.


Event:Teacher Training: Designed and delivered short teacher development courses for qualified local teachers. These focused on language improvement, methodology and cultural input.

Location: Tallin, Estonia

Duration: 2 week courses 1995 & 1996

Donor: Soros Foundation

Status: Awarded

Partner: International House


Estonia: Country facts

  • 1.29  million 
GDP per capita ( 2011 PPP$):
  • 23,387.24
Adult literacy rate (% 15 and older):
  • 99.8
Gross enrolment ratio: primary (% of children of primary school age)
  • 98
Gross enrolment ratio: secondary (% of children of secondary school age)
  • 109
Gross enrolment ratio: tertiary (% of population of tertiary school age)
  • 72
Primary school dropout rates (% of primary school cohort)
  • 2.5
Pupil-teacher ratio
  • 12
Expenditure on education (% of GDP)
  • 5.68


Source: United Nations Human Development Reports 2014