South Sudan

ELT-Consultants was founded in 2010, any projects or events listed before that year were delivered by individual Directors or Associates (please refer to individual CV). Projects and events listed in descending year order, with newest first.


Project: Windle Trust International

The overall goal of this consultancy was to strengthen teaching and learning in English in South Sudanese Primary Schools to improve language levels of primary school teachers and thus improve the delivery of the curriculum and the achievement of children in primary schools.

1) Train a team of 10 English language assessors for South Sudan.

2) Produce standardized English language testing/assessment framework and materials for the Ministry of General Education & Instruction

3) Conduct a rigorous English language needs assessment of teachers in selected States in South Sudan.

4) Train a core team of 30 South Sudanese English language specialists

5) Production of locally designed and contextualized English language training materials. Over 300 hours of Primary 1 to 3 and 300 hours of Primary 4 to 8 teacher training materials were designed and piloted.

6) Provide technical support/work to the project between April and October 2017 to achieve the outcomes

Location: Juba, South Sudan

Duration: April to October, 2017


Status: Awarded

Partner: Windle Trust International


Project: British Council Sub-Sahara Africa Digital audio stories and songs

Editor and writer for developing support materials for teachers using the digital audio bank of stories and songs from the British Council website, as well as integrating with the British Council CiPELT (certificate in Primary English Language Teaching) course.

Location: Sub-Sahara Africa
Duration:  September 2013
Donor: British Council
Status: Awarded
Partner: British Council


Project: Trainer Training

Deliver CiPELT (Certificate in Primary English Language Teaching) module READY and STEADY plus Large Multigrade Classes and ‘Dealing with Diversity’.

Deliver CiPELT TOP (trainer orientation programme).

Trainer training 80 teachers from:

  • six South Sudan states (Upper Nile, Jonglei, Northern Bar al Ghazal, Lakes, Eastern Equatoria, Western Equatoria);
  • they need training to be able to train a total of 1,000 Primary School Teachers in the states where they work;
  • a significant number of these teachers will have been trained in the medium of Arabic and will include teachers of English and of other subjects through the medium of English.
  • WTI (Windle Trust) also needed a further 16 trained tutors to teach teachers English at a refugee camp.
Location: Juba, South Sudan
Duration:  7th January – 1st February, 2013
Donor: USAID
Status: Awarded
Partner: USAID, British Council, Windle Trust, VSO



Project: Teacher Training

Location: Juba, South Sudan

Duration:  July 2012

Donor: Windle Trust

Status: Awarded

Partner: British Council



South Sudan: Country facts

  • 10.9 million (2015)
GDP per capita (2013 PPP$)
  • 1,081.00 (2015)
Adult literacy rate (% 15 and older)
  • 27% (2015)
Gross enrolment ratio: primary (% of children of primary school age)
  • 46 (2011)
Gross enrolment ratio: secondary (% of children of secondary school age)
  • 4
Gross enrolment ratio: tertiary (% of population of tertiary school age)
  • n.a.
Primary school dropout rates (% of primary school cohort)
  • 50%
Pupil-teacher ratio
  • n.a.
Expenditure on education (% of GDP)
  • n.a.

Source: United Nations Human Development Reports 2014