ELT-Consultants was founded in 2010, any projects or events listed before that year were delivered by individual Directors or Associates (please refer to individual CVs). Projects and events listed in descending year order, with newest first.


Project/Event: Editing National Teacher Training (NTT) Course Materials

Location: Khartoum, Sudan

Duration: Two weeks, May 2019

Donor: EU Commission

Status: Awarded

Partner:  British Council/SELTI



Project: Training of Enumerators for Monitoring and Evalation Stage of the national Curriculum Reform

Location: Khartoum, Sudan

Duration: One week June 2014

Donor: The World Bank

Partners: British Council/SELTI 


Project: Trainer Trainer Development Course: Basic Trainer skills and mentoring skills

Location: Khartoum, Sudan

Duration: One week April 2016

Donor: The World Bank

Partners: British Council/SELTI ( Training Branch of the MoE)


Project: Primary Curriculum Reform: Capacity Building

Following an initial scoping visit to assess and report upon a locally produced primary year 1 course book, the consultant was contracted to lead the initial stage of the English primary curriculum course book reform to introduce English in grades 3 and 4).

Phase 1 consisted of designing and delivering a four week Young Learner methodology and basic course book writing training course to a team of local writers and ministry officials. In addition, this training included the drafting of the syllabus, layout, and curriculum descriptors for the Grade 3 English course book. The syllabus content for grade 4 was also drafted at this time.

Phase 2 consisted of guiding and editing of the work produced by the local writing team in the production of the grade 3 Pupil’s Book, Workbook and Teacher’s Book. The outstanding feature of this project was the extremely tight timeframe within which the project was successfully accomplished.

Location: Khartoum, Sudan

Duration: January- May 2012 

Donor: The World Bank

Status: Awarded

Partner: British Council







Sudan: Country facts

  • 37.96 million
GDP per capita (2011 PPP$)
  • 3,370.09
Adult literacy rate (% 15 and older)
  • 71.9%
Gross enrolment ratio: primary (% of children of primary school age)
  • n.a.
Gross enrolment ratio: secondary (% of children of secondary school age)
  • n.a.
Gross enrolment ratio: tertiary (% of population of tertiary school age)
  • n.a.
Primary school dropout rates (% of primary school cohort)
  • 9.07
Pupil-teacher ratio
  • 38
Expenditure on education (% of GDP)
  • n.a.

Source: United Nations Human Development Reports 2014