ELT-Consultants was founded in 2010, any projects or events listed before that year were delivered by individual Directors or Associates (please refer to individual CV). Projects and events listed in descending year order, with newest first.


Project: Teacher development workshops in Peru. Delivering workshops to 50 teacher coordinators and roughly 150 teachers. Training in task-based language teaching; teaching language through text; classroom management and speaking activities

Location: Trujillo and Lima

Duration: 24 hours over 4 day 2018

Donor: MacMillan

Status: Awarded 

Partner: Macmillan



Project: Teacher development workshops in Peru. Delivering workshops to roughly 150 teachers

Training in using Macmillan materials such as the online workbook and online platform

Location: Lima, Arequipa, Puno.

Duration: 20 hours over 5 day 2018

Donor: MacMillan

Status: Aawarded

Partner: Macmillan



Event: British Council Peru Residential Summer School. English language development and ELT methodology training of 100+ Peruvian Secondary School Teachers using British Council English for Teaching 1 materials.

Location:  Chosica, Peru

Duration:  February/March 2015 – 1 month

Donor: Peruvian Ministry of Education

Status: Awarded

Partner: British Council, Peru



Event: Summer School for experienced teachers using English for Teachers’ with elements of TKT.

Location: Moquegua, Peru.

Duration: 4 weeks, March 2015.

Donor: Britsh Council, Lima

Partner: Ministry of Education.



Events: Speaker at numerous ELT conferences, including two international ELT organizations: LABCI (Latin American British Cultural Institutes) and ABLA (Association of Binational Centers of Latin America). Delivered seminars, workshops and plenaries at various national conferences, including PeruTESOL, ICPNA (Instituto Cultural Peruano-Norteamericano), and ACPB / El Británico (Asociación Cultural Peruano Británico).  In-house ELT training to teachers in schools, universities and PLS throughout Peru.  

Location: all main cities in Peru (Lima, Trujillo, Arequipa, Piura, Chiclayo, Tacna, Iquitos, Huancayo, and Cajamarca)

Duration: on a regular basis from 1985 to 1997.

Partner: Cambridge University Press




Peru: Country facts

  • 30.38  million 
GDP per capita (2011 PPP$)
  • 11,602.58
Adult literacy rate (% 15 and older)
  • 89.6 % 
Gross enrolment ratio: primary (% of children of primary school age)
  • 105
Gross enrolment ratio: secondary (% of children of secondary school age)
  • 91
Gross enrolment ratio: tertiary (% of population of tertiary school age)
  • 43
Primary school dropout rates (% of primary school cohort)
  • 18.48
Pupil-teacher ratio
  • 20
Expenditure on education (% of GDP)
  • 2.59


Source: United Nations Human Development Reports 2014