What we do

  • Teacher Training Teacher Training

    Teacher Training

    We are active at all levels of English language curriculum development and of course teacher training lies at the very heart of ELT-Consultants work with Ministries of Education, NGOs and private clients.


    Tunisia July 2019 ongoing:

    British Council/Ministry of Education

    ELT-Consultants and TransformELT formed a consortium for a successful proposal on a teacher and teacher advisor training programme in Tunisia. British Council are the project directors and the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) are the funders.

    ELT-Consultants designed a 5-day, 30 hour teacher training programme for Primary 4 teachers in Tunisia, alongside a trainer training programme for teacher advisors (TA) taking part in the training.

    Phase 1 – Summer Programme

    Recruitment of teacher trainers with primary teacher training experience to deliver the  programme across 12 venues in 6 weeks (57 teacher trainers employed to cover all the weekly programme deliveries). 54 TA’s worked alongside the teacher trainers. Goal achieved: 2,500 teachers trained.

    Phase 2 – Winter Programme

    Recruitment of teacher trainers with primary teacher training experience to deliver a split training programme of Day 1 and 2 in November/December and Days 3,4 and 5 in January 2020. Goal: to train 2,700 teachers x 12 venues in 2-3 weeks.

    ELT-Consultants provided monitoring and quality assurance, visiting the 12 venues and observing all 57 trainers and 54 TA’s. Regular debriefing sessions with British Council project management staff.


    South Sudan: 2012-19 ongoing;

    British Council, South Sudan and Windle Trust International 2012

    Windle Trust International 2017 - 2018

    Consortium: Mott Macdonald (lead), Windle Trust International (lead on quality education), BBC Media Action (lead on community awareness and communication, Leonard Cheshire (lead on disability), Montrose (consulting firm on monitoring, learning and research)

    2012 – trainer training using the British Council’s ‘Certificate in Primary English Language Teaching’ (CiPELT) which was designed by the co-founders of ELT Consultants. 83 trainers from all the regions in South Sudan were trained to deliver training across the country.

    2017-2018 – to build in-country capacity, 15 English Language Teaching (ELT) professionals were trained on designing, piloting, delivering and evaluating language assessment of primary teachers. 30 ELT professionals were trained to design Primary teacher training materials for Primary 1 to 3 (300 hours) and Primary 4 to 8 (300 hours). Additional materials for earlu literacy and working with large, multi-grade classes were also designed. The materials were piloted and modified.

    2019 (quality education)

    Teacher Professional  Development – target 2,500 teachers

    Accelerated learning programme – target 50 secondary and 200 primary schools (50,000 learners)

    Mentoring – 70,000 girls and boys in 500 schools

    Capacity building for education managers and school communities


    Venezuela: 2013-19 ongoing:

    British Council/UPEL University/ PNFA projects.

    2013 Phase 1 – needs analysis done by national academics (published)  informed writing of a 200 hour teacher training programme for English language proficiency and methodology.

    2014 Phase 2 – pilot of primary teacher training programme nationwide.

    2014-19 Phrase 3- ELT-Consultants trained a cadre of national trainers to continue to role out the teacher training programme which is now an accredited Primary teacher training programme.

    2018 – Phase 4 ELT professionals were trained to design Primary 4 to 6 materials for the classroom.

    2018 – ongoing – ELT professionals carrying out monitoring and evaluation (M&E) country-wide on teacher’s language proficiency and methodology in the classroom. Data reported back to ELT Consultants.

    2018  IATEFL Conference presentation in Forum on Educational Reform on ‘Changing the mindset: sustainable reform in Venezuelan state education’

    2019 – Phase 5 – 90 x Secondary ELT teachers were trained to be Primary teacher trainers and deliver training on how to use the Primary 4 to 6 classroom materials.

    2019 – ongoing – M&E on teacher’s language proficiency, methodology and usage of classroom materials.


  • Monitoring and Evaluation Monitoring and Evaluation

    Monitoring and Evaluation

    ELT-Consultants are global leaders in providing in depth knowledge and support to government agencies at national and local level and to international development agencies and partners, as they seek to enhance people's English skills and professional development. By developing English competency, people are able to prosper through stimulated economic growth.

    We have experience not only in the design and delivery of large curriculum reform projects projects, often across multiple locations, we can also manage the monitoring and evaluation of such programmes.  Elt-Consultants specializes managing the delivery of all aspects of English curriculum reform, from project scoping, project needs analysis to the final monitoring and evaluation stages. As curriculum reform systems grow and develop, we can help track, support and manage them.

  • Curriculum Development Curriculum Development

    Curriculum Development

    ELT-Consultants have a wealth of experience working with Ministries of Education in curriculum development. Curriculum development goes hand in hand with course book writing and design.  The team has worked in the following countries to develop and support curriculum development:

    United Arab Emirates (adapting Global English: Cambridge University Press)

    Hong Kong SAR (New Magic: Oxford University Press)

    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Get Ready: Macmillan Education)

    Palestine (English for Palestine: Macmillan Education)

    South Africa (Certificate in Primary English Language Teaching (CiPELT) methodology: British Council and Department of Basic Education – CiPELT is now accredited in South Africa and used as the methodology component for primary teachers)

    Sudan (SMILE: MoE production) 

    Uzbekistan (supporting English for Kids: MoE production)

    Yemen (Caravan for Yemen: MacMillan Education)

  • International Conferences International Conferences

    International Conferences

    Prior to the creation of ELT-Consultants, Wendy Arnold had active roles for many years in the IATEFL Young Learner and Teenagers Special Interest Group (YLT Sig): Joint Co-ordinator, Discussion Co-ordinator and Conference Organizer.




    ELT Professional Development Conference February 2019, Cebu, Philippines

    Workshop: Critical Reading Skills for the 21st Century Student

    9th IATEFL Peru/British Council, Peru Conference – Lima, Peru 14 September 2019: Innovation and Creativity: Learners’ and Teachers’ Success.


    What is innovation and how can you achieve it in your context?

    Understanding how to use creativity in the English language classroom.


    Future directions in ELT Peru: Where are we heading?


    Engaging teenagers with the magic of speaking

    Authenticity in materials in ELT.


    British Council, Peru & IATEFL Peru 10-13 September 2019

    Pre-Conference two day event held in Lima and Arequipa: The Natural Order of Language Learning


    What can I hear?

    What am I listening to?

    How do I answer?

    Letters and Sounds

    Learning to Read:Reading to Learn (decoding)

    Reading to Learn:Learning to Read (encoding)


    2nd Africa Lake Zone English Language Consortium (ALZELC) - Kampala, Uganda 17-18 August, 2019



    Plenary: Scoring on SDG 4: Prerequisites & Implications for Sub-Saharan Africa

    Panel discussion: Indigenous or European Language, Language of Instruction or Destruction!



    AFRICATESOL – Dakar, Senegal  4-6 May 2018: English Educational Reform in South Sudan

    ‘Sustainable teacher training for primary teachers in South Sudan: language, methodology and developing low resourced materials’


    IATEFL – Brighton 10 April 2018: Forum: Educational reform.

     ‘Changing the mindset: sustainable reform in Venezuelan state education’


    IATEFL - Birmingham 2016: Pop up Stand for ELT-Consultants & IATEFL/British Council live interview:



    TESOL International Conference January 2018, Chiang Mai, Thailand— Workshop: Low-Prep Writing Tips to Build Your Teaching Repertoire



    British Council/TESOL Conference – Barcelona Venezuela March 2016: English the Way Forward: Teacher Training the What Why and How;

    British Council – Helping you on your way (Barquisimeto, Caracas, Maturin) 14-18 March, 2016


    What does it take to be a teacher trainer? The what, how and why of teacher training.

    What Makes Teenagers Tick?

    Young Learners and Early Literacy


    Managing the Primary Classroom

    Young Learners and Early Literacy

    Facing the challenges of high school ELT


    VenTESOL 28  - 29 May, Venezuela 2016


    English in the Primary school:Managing the YL classroom

    Young Learners and Early Literacy-HOW TO DO IT

    Key to Teach EFL to young learners




    IATEFL YLT Sig Web Conference 2019: Opening up the ‘YL’ umbrella: age-appropriate pedagogies in ELT

    25th October, 2019

    Tu connais le answer? How multilingual children navigate through English (primary) 26th October, 2019

    English through drama in the primary English language classroom

    27th October, 2019

    Early Years: Tech no fears?

    British Council Tunisia, ELT consultants & TransformELT - Summer Learning Stories - Teaching for Success: Tunisia’s national primary training.


    IATEFL YLT Sig and MAW Sig 15th November, 2019

    Moving away from exams dominance in YL materials.

    In addition, all of our consultants present regularly at international conferences around the globe. For further details check the curriculum vitaes on each consultant’s Linkedin  profiles.


  • Materials Development Materials Development

    Materials Development

    ELT-Consultants takes pride in the quality of the training materials that it has provided to its clients. The British Council global training package CiPELT (Certificate in Primary English Teaching) a 30 hour experiential training package for A2 primary teachers is one such example.


    ELT-Consultants were also team writers for the British Council ‘Kids Read’. This is 
    a literacy programme which supports extensive reading for pleasure for primary pupils in the Middle East, North Africa and Pakistan. ‘Kids Read’ was awarded the Silver Stevie Prize: Corporate Social Responsibility Program of the Year in the Middle East and North Africa - HSBC and British Council.           


    ELT-Consultants Founders and Associates have also been involved with publishing primary teaching resource materials for all the major publishing houses.  

    For more information, check our Links page.

  • Trainer Training Trainer Training

    Trainer Training

    Our policy is to support Ministry of Education (MoEs) and institutions in  developing training programmes that are relevant to the needs of their educational system and society. Our aim is to help trainers to embrace lifelong learning as they gain new skills as key developmental change agents and mentors.

    ELT-Consultants have a strong track record in both designing and delivering bespoke trainer training and also in delivering off-the-shelf training courses. We are experienced in designing face to face, on-line and blended training and can provide training thought our own on-line training platform. ELT-Consultants have years of expertise in designing cascade model training systems.

    ELT-Consultants will always start from a discussion and assessment of the  client’s needs in order to provide solutions designed to make a lasting difference within the educational system.