Observation as a Development Choice

Observation as a Development Choice

01st August 2017

By Fiona Malcolm

ELT-Consultants  Associate


Quality Control or Development?

How many teachers reading this will smile and claim to enjoy their lessons being observed? For many institutions, the observation of teachers in classes is viewed as a form of assessing the work of these teache Read more

Managing challenging behaviour: UK state vs UAE local state school

Managing challenging behaviour: UK state vs UAE local state school

01st July 2017

By Christina Taylor – Associate ELT consultant

This is the first time I have written a blog. I’ve written many papers, assignments, dissertations etc. But never a blog. I looked at the blogs currently on the ELT consultants’ website to get a feel of how they are composed; and it would seem they can be written in many d Read more

 Mindset in ELT

Mindset in ELT

12th June 2017

by Kate Gregson Associate ELT-Consultant


“I can’t ‘do languages’, I’m just not one of those people!”


“He’s such a bright little boy!”


“Hey, you got an A. I knew you would, you’re so clever!”

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English methodology or how we combine both:Reflecting on training teachers in Peru

06th June 2017

by Nele Noe, ELT Associate Consultant

Since I first started working with public school English teachers (teachers who work in government schools) on an intensive residential 4-week British Council training programme in 2015, I have started to question if we can really adapt and implement training packages that were initially developed f Read more

Key Elements when Teaching English to Young Learners Title

Key Elements when Teaching English to Young Learners Title

13th April 2017

By Juana Sagaray Associate ELT-Consultant


When teaching young learners, there are some elements in the class that treated properly can make a difference. Sometimes we plan wonderful lessons but when it comes to practice they turned to things very far from the expected ones, the answer to this could be in how we do simple o Read more

Why Literature in the EFL Class?

Why Literature in the EFL Class?

14th March 2017

Why Literature in the EFL Class?

Maria Teresa Fernandez D. Associate Consultant


EFL or English as a Foreign Language is taught in countries where native or official languages are other than English. For this reason, EFL teachers and students face as a major problem, the lack of ex Read more

Nik Peachey's EdTech & ELT Newsletter March 2017

09th March 2017





Hello and welcome to my first Edtech & ELT Newsletter of March 2017.


As usual there are lots of links here to some of the best Edtech & ELT related articles and well as links to free digital tools and a collection of sites for using games for learning.

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03rd February 2017

Heather Raymond

Associate ELT-Consultant


Have you ever felt those minutes passing by when your waiting for your students to settle down as they arrive for your lesson? You look at the clock and the five minutes that have already past is giving rise to disquiet within you. A quick sharp solution is the Do N Read more

From Teaching to Consulting and Back Again

16th January 2017


 by Debra Marsh: Associate Consultant


From ELT Teacher to Learning Design Consultant …

A quick glance at the education section of my LinkedIn profile and you’ll see I’m a languages graduate (French and German) and a qualified EFL teacher. Look through the expe Read more

Blog Title

22nd December 2016

Learner-Centred Education and Communicative Language Teaching – is it appropriate for all contexts?

Learner-Centred Education and Communicative Language Teaching – is it appropriate for all contexts?

01st December 2016

By Wendy Arnold

Director and Co-founder ELT-Consultants


In the 20th Century and up to this point in the 21st Century, English language teaching (ELT), along with mainstream education, has been dominated with education practices led by a ‘learner-centred’ approach, base Read more

11 reasons why teachers don't use technology

11 reasons why teachers don't use technology

20th November 2016

by Nik Peachey

Associate Consultant


A recent survey reported in the UK newspaper the The Telegraph stated that as many as half of the teachers consulted for the survey said they rarely use technology in the classroom.

This came as no surprise to me, but what did surprise me Read more

 How Future Selves Motivate Today’s Teachers

How Future Selves Motivate Today’s Teachers

17th October 2016

by Nahla Al Malki, Associate Consultant; MA, DELTA, CELTA, BS Hons.


Anyone who’s delivered some sort of practical training will have experienced that moment of doubt where they question the usefulness of their session. ‘I wonder if they’re actually listening, Will this have any impact on Read more

 Reflections on Training Teachers in Sudan

Reflections on Training Teachers in Sudan

30th September 2016

by Thanh Nyguyen Associate ELT-Consultant


Ever since engaging in teacher training I’ve been reflecting over the influences that my own experiences as a student teacher has had on my approach to designing and delivering training programmes. In fact, I found myself trying to impart many of the things I Read more

SURVEY - Methodology and Language Learning and Teaching

09th September 2016

We need you teachers :) we would like to find out more about your methodology and what you know about learning through projects for an upcoming chapter we are writing. So please complete the survey below and spread the link around to your colleagues. The more the merrier. Deadline: 14th September, 2016.


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Think creatively! Be creative! A teaching challenge.

Think creatively! Be creative! A teaching challenge.

17th August 2016



By Karen Sarah Iturralde  

Associate Consultant


C – Change your routine

R – Reach for the stars

E – Energize yourself and the people around you

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Ten facts about the teenage brain

Ten facts about the teenage brain

11th July 2016

Ten facts about the teenage brain

Coralyn Bradshaw Co-founder of ELT-Consultants

As teachers, trainers, researchers and educators in the field of ELT, can we really afford NOT to understand some of the fundamental basics that neuro-science is revealing about adolescent brain development? Here are ten scientifically prov Read more

An End is not Always an End

An End is not Always an End

22nd June 2016

An End is not Always  an End!

By Luisa Cristina Alvarez

Associate Consultant in Venezuela

Sometimes beautiful projects begin in an unexpected way, but then turn out to be inspirational and a source of reflection in many ways. This is the case of the English Program fo Read more

"We give the knowledge: You learn"

06th April 2016

By Virginia Parker: Associate ELT-Consultant

It's 8:00 a.m., and I'm early for my 8:30 class at a private international university in Thailand. I know that "Eric", one of my Chinese students, will be there, clutching a grammar translation textbook and poised to ask me some kind of obscure question. On this day, however, he sits down at Read more

Scholarship Opportunity with Pete Sharma

20th March 2016


We are delighted to introduce you to Pete Sharma, a world famous specialist in IT who is generously offering a scholarship to participate in this on-line learning course. 


Please send you applications to Pete as indicated below.


Course t Read more


18th March 2016


By Anna Hasper  Associate  ELT-Consultant

For learners to have a true sense of their abilities they not only need to learn, but also need to know that they know.

Richard Bandler


As soon as we get o Read more

Like a Rich Jewel in the Ear of an Ethiop

21st February 2016

By Richard Finch ELT-Consultant

Honorary Doctor of Letters. University of Namibia



“ …like a rich jewel in an Ethiop’s ear”

               &nb Read more

The Role of Ego in the Adult Training Room

13th January 2016


by Fiona Malcolm, Associate Consultant: Dip.C.Hyp. NLP, MA, DELTA, CELTYL, Trinity TESOL, BA Hons.


‘So, just how do you ‘trick’ people into liking you so much?’ asked a Project Manager after I’d delivered a TKT Course in Tripoli for Libyan Teachers to resounding applause at the Read more

Blog Title

05th December 2015

 December Special Guest Blog 2015!




The book

Videotelling  Read more

December 2015

December 2015

01st December 2015

Associate Consultant Facilitates Primary English Teacher Training for True Plookpanya, Thailand


by David Valente Associate Consultant

1st December 2015


Early last month, I facilitated a series of teacher training workshops for True Thailand Communications PLC as part of the Read more

Blog Title

10th November 2015

November 2015

By Kate Cory-Wright Associate Consultant    

Award-winning author of "Our World" (National Geographic Learning)

Teacher trainer
ELT consultant



         Motivation and the Inadequacy of th Read more

Blog Title

Blog Title

15th October 2015

What do I Know about Memory?

Coralyn Bradshaw Co-Founder


15th October 2015


As the new academic year gets underway, as educators, it’s worth asking ourselves “ What do I know about memory?”  The more we understand about memory and how it is stored and retrieved, the mor Read more

World Education Story Prize

07th October 2015

A peer ELT Consultant has this wonderful project, please do pass on to teachers, students, parents:

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To change or not to change the curriculum. Why, how and when.

21st September 2015

To change or not to change the curriculum. Why, how and when.

Wendy Arnold Co-Founder




‘if you keep doing the same thing, you will keep getting the same result’ (Stephen Covey)


So if you are getting the results you aspire to then ‘if it ain’t broke Read more