Why Literature in the EFL Class?

Why Literature in the EFL Class?

14th March 2017

Why Literature in the EFL Class?

Maria Teresa Fernandez D. Associate Consultant


EFL or English as a Foreign Language is taught in countries where native or official languages are other than English. For this reason, EFL teachers and students face as a major problem, the lack of ex Read more

Nik Peachey's EdTech & ELT Newsletter March 2017

09th March 2017





Hello and welcome to my first Edtech & ELT Newsletter of March 2017.


As usual there are lots of links here to some of the best Edtech & ELT related articles and well as links to free digital tools and a collection of sites for using games for learning.

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03rd February 2017

Heather Raymond

Associate ELT-Consultant


Have you ever felt those minutes passing by when your waiting for your students to settle down as they arrive for your lesson? You look at the clock and the five minutes that have already past is giving rise to disquiet within you. A quick sharp solution is the Do N Read more

From Teaching to Consulting and Back Again

16th January 2017


 by Debra Marsh: Associate Consultant


From ELT Teacher to Learning Design Consultant …

A quick glance at the education section of my LinkedIn profile and you’ll see I’m a languages graduate (French and German) and a qualified EFL teacher. Look through the expe Read more