December 2015

December 2015

01st December 2015

Associate Consultant Facilitates Primary English Teacher Training for True Plookpanya, Thailand


by David Valente Associate Consultant

1st December 2015


Early last month, I facilitated a series of teacher training workshops for True Thailand Communications PLC as part of the Read more

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10th November 2015

November 2015

By Kate Cory-Wright Associate Consultant    

Award-winning author of "Our World" (National Geographic Learning)

Teacher trainer
ELT consultant



         Motivation and the Inadequacy of th Read more

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15th October 2015

What do I Know about Memory?

Coralyn Bradshaw Co-Founder


15th October 2015


As the new academic year gets underway, as educators, it’s worth asking ourselves “ What do I know about memory?”  The more we understand about memory and how it is stored and retrieved, the mor Read more

World Education Story Prize

07th October 2015

A peer ELT Consultant has this wonderful project, please do pass on to teachers, students, parents:

Read more