Ten facts about the teenage brain

Ten facts about the teenage brain

11th July 2016

Ten facts about the teenage brain

Coralyn Bradshaw Co-founder of ELT-Consultants

As teachers, trainers, researchers and educators in the field of ELT, can we really afford NOT to understand some of the fundamental basics that neuro-science is revealing about adolescent brain development? Here are ten scientifically prov Read more

An End is not Always an End

An End is not Always an End

22nd June 2016

An End is not Always  an End!

By Luisa Cristina Alvarez

Associate Consultant in Venezuela

Sometimes beautiful projects begin in an unexpected way, but then turn out to be inspirational and a source of reflection in many ways. This is the case of the English Program fo Read more

"We give the knowledge: You learn"

06th April 2016

By Virginia Parker: Associate ELT-Consultant

It's 8:00 a.m., and I'm early for my 8:30 class at a private international university in Thailand. I know that "Eric", one of my Chinese students, will be there, clutching a grammar translation textbook and poised to ask me some kind of obscure question. On this day, however, he sits down at Read more

Scholarship Opportunity with Pete Sharma

20th March 2016


We are delighted to introduce you to Pete Sharma, a world famous specialist in IT who is generously offering a scholarship to participate in this on-line learning course. 


Please send you applications to Pete as indicated below.


Course t Read more