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09th March 2017





Hello and welcome to my first Edtech & ELT Newsletter of March 2017.


As usual there are lots of links here to some of the best Edtech & ELT related articles and well as links to free digital tools and a collection of sites for using games for learning.


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News & Articles

So now here are some of the recent articles from:


Noam Chomsky on the Dangers of Standardized Testing 

This is a short article based around an interview with Noam Chomsky and there’s certainly a lot to agree with in it. As someone who didn’t do well at  school myself I can appreciate this “Education is developing your own potential and creativity. Maybe you’re not going to do well in school and you’ll do great in art. That’s fine. What’s wrong with that? It’s another way of living a fulfilling wonderful life, and one that is significant for other people as well as yourself."


Competency-Based Learning for Teachers

This is another article that close to my own heart and it explores the area of micro credentials for teachers and letting them choose their own path through professional development. This is something I’ve talked about a lot at conferences.


Web Literacy 2.0

This is a really important read that examines the area of digital literacy. It was commissioned by Mozilla and has some really useful taxonomies.


UNESCO Launches Five Laws of Media and Information Literacy (MIL)

This article includes a handy infographic displaying UNESCOs five laws of media literacy. This links in nicely to the previous article and the ongoing theme of critical thinking. 


16 issues driving higher education's approach to teaching and learning

This article and infographic highlight some of the main drivers behind secondary educational change in relation to technology. 


Using Bloom’s Taxonomy to Write Effective Learning Objectives

Well you can never have too much Bloom and this article looks at how Blooms Taxonomy can be applied to creating learning objectives and tasks. 


Media Literacy: Five Ways Teachers Are Fighting Fake News

Lastly, we are once again back to the topic of fake news with this article with some useful suggestions on how to educate younger kids to understand the problems.


Free tools and apps

Here are some of my favourite new free tools and resources from over the last couple of weeks. 


10 Intriguing Photographs to Teach Close Reading and Visual Thinking Skills

This is a great article from the New York Times that has a collection of really interesting photographs with some teaching questions and suggestions for exploiting them. Really worth checking out. 


Futurism Infographics

Futurism is a daily news website that focuses on news about advances in science and technology. Each day they also publish an infographic related to some aspect of technology. You can see the complete collection here. They are great resources to use with students: If you aren’t sure how to use them then check out my ebook on exploiting infographics at: 


Vibby - Conversations around video

Viiby is a tool for creating conversations around online video. Much of the content seems to be US based but the tool looks pretty useful and simple to use.


Story Spheres

Story Spheres is a great free app for creating immersive narrative experiences. It enables users to add audio narrative to 360 degree and panoramic images. The images can then be viewed either in the web browser or on mobile using cardboard. This is a really nice way to create dynamic narrative around an image.


i Visual info Touch

This iOS app enables you or your students to create simple infographics on an iPad. This would be great to use in combination with some of the ideas from my book ‘Exploiting Infographics':



This is another great free iOS app for creating digital story books. Students can create edit and share their own books and add audio and illustrations from within the app. Great for younger learners and up.


Block Poster

This is a great site if you really want to make your classroom look fantastic. It enables you to print large scale images and posters using an A4 printer. It simply divides the images into A4 size sections when you print and then you can assemble the pieces into wall size images. Great tool for printing up infographics to use in class to. 


Games feature

Here are three more games links for the this issue.



This site has a collection of simple and fun to play ‘arcade’ type games that also combine and element of learning. From maths to language, geography and spelling. A great resource.


How Do You Play

This site focuses on physical games and has the rules and instructions for playing a very wide selection of games that can be used for the classroom or for training.



This is a great online simulation game for teaching Business. Great for helping business English students practice their business skills and develop their English at the same time.

Conference news

Things have been pretty busy for me over the last month with trips to Venezuela, India, Bangladesh and Nepalas well as online presentations for teachers in Armenia.


In Nepal I was lucky enough to be able to speak at the NELTA conference:  and meet hundreds of enthusiastic teachers.


If you are interest, you can download the slide decks from my keynote and plenary presentations here.

•    Tools & Practices for Autonomous Teacher Development: 

•    Exploiting Infographics – Developing Critical Thinking: 


Please also check out my publications on the iBook Store at:  and on PayHip: Many of these are free, but the paid ones do help me to support much of the free work I do including this newsletter.


Well that’s it for the next couple of weeks.


Best wishes


Nik Peachey Freelance Learning Technology Consultant, Writer, Teacher Trainer


Winner 2016 British Council ELTon Award for Innovation in Teacher Resources

Winner 2012 British Council ELTon Award for Excellence in Course Innovation

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