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05th December 2015

 December Special Guest Blog 2015!




The book

Videotelling is a resource book for the 21st century classroom. It provides teachers with a bank of interactive storytelling activities to engage students of the YouTube era and to develop communication, critical thinking, and media literacy skills.

Each story is based on the narrative of a popular online video. Suggested tasks and questions encourage students to communicate, collaborate, and solve problems as they lead up to seeing the video. This “discussion first, video second” approach makes Videotelling unique.


Launch date

Videotelling will be launched in Spring 2016 as a paperback and in e-book formats.

Why should I contribute?

Videotelling is an engaging, story-based teaching resource that works. It is a book that every teacher will want to have. But without your help, it will not exist. By getting involved, you will help to recapture our screenagers’ imaginations through storytelling.

Teachers and students

Videotelling is an excellent resource for any teacher who is interested in combining good, old-fashioned storytelling with online video. It has particular appeal for:

Primary teachers and their students: The primary teacher can use questions and prediction tasks to involve students in dialogue and develop the narrative.

Secondary teachers and their students: Secondary teachers can connectVideotelling activities to subjects such as art, science, mathematics, media studies, business studies, and more. The stories can also be used to help students develop and refine their own communication, presentation, and storytelling skills.

English language teachers and their students: The immersive story activities in Videotelling balance intensive listening with conversational skills for English language learners. Teachers can draw on the many suggestions throughout the book about grammar and other language points.


Videotelling is Jamie Keddie’s third book. He is an established Oxford University Press author. His previous books include Images (2009) and Bringing Online Video into the Classroom (2014).

Jamie started off with a degree in biochemistry from the University of Aberdeen in Scotland. Realizing that he actually wanted to be a musician, Jamie spent most of his twenties studying jazz at Leeds College of Music, in Yorkshire, England. After that, he worked as a singer-piano player on ships, but nothing too glamorous.

Luckily for all of us, Jamie was forced into a career change by tendinitis in his arms. He went to live in Spain and started working as an English teacher.

Jamie has shared his insights into image, video, and storytelling with teachers in over 40 countries. He gives plenary talks at international conferences and delivers workshops for primary, secondary, and language teachers. He is the founder ofLessonstream, an online resource of visual activities for teachers. In 2009, Jamie won a prestigious British Council ELTon award for his work. (Sponsored by Cambridge English, the ELTons are the only international awards to recognize and celebrate innovation in English language teaching.)

Project costs

This project has required a huge expenditure of time and funds for one teacher/writer alone. It has involved:

Ten years of curating online videos and creating stories around them for the classroom

Countless hours of collaboration with teachers and pilot-testing of activities

Six weeks of full-time work dedicated to this crowdfunding campaign

Website costs: £600 (approximately US$915)

Sales, marketing, and distribution: £1250 (US$1900)

Substantive editing, copy editing, and proofreading: £3000 (US$4570)

Design and production: £2200 (US$3350)

Consultations and project management: £1000 (US$1530)

TOTAL: £8050 (US$12265)

I have already covered some of these costs myself. Some are outstanding. And some will have to be paid further down the line.

My campaign goal of £6750 (US$10285) is a very conservative estimate. Actual costs are considerably higher. On top of that, Indiegogo takes 5% of everything that I raise.


What happens if I don't reach my goal?

If I don’t reach my campaign goal, everyone who has contributed to the campaign will get their money back. However, not reaching that goal means that the book will not be launched in Spring 2016. So please help to get this excellent resource into the hands of teachers, and bring storytelling back to our "screenagers".

Please contribute to this campaign.
Please spread the word.
Thank you
Jamie :)







This is where it gets interesting ...

27 claimed

Estimated delivery: May 2016



My eternal gratitude

Every little bit helps :)

1 claimed



Secret YouTube video vault

You get the e-book and you unlock Jamie's Secret YouTube video vault. Get access to his 50 all time favourite videos. Some are funny. Some are weird. Some are dark. Some are not suitable for the classroom. You have been warned. I am serious!

23 claimed

Estimated delivery: January 2015



The lost activities

You get the e-book + you unlock Jamie’s secret YouTube video vault (see above). You also get a PDF in which I give you you a guided tour around the videos in the vault. This will include many teaching ideas that didn’t make it into the final version of Videotelling (some too risky!)

54 claimed

Estimated delivery: May 2016



Coffee with Jamie

I will send you a post card from Barcelona. It will contain information about how to find me for a coffee. What, you would prefer a beer? Oh, all right then!

5 out of 10 claimed



Thank you video

A personal thank you video from me (Jamie) to you. I will upload it onto YouTube and send it your way.

4 out of 20 claimed

Estimated delivery: December 2015




Signed paperback

The paperback version of the book, with a handwritten dedication to you from the author (that's Jamie!) Shipping included.

19 out of 50 claimed

Estimated delivery: May 2016




You will get an advance copy of the completed book before it goes on sale publicly. This will allow you to review the book on your blog/journal/etc.

6 out of 15 claimed

Estimated delivery: April 2016



Student surprise!

I will make a personal video in which I read a story from my book. At the end, I will surprise your students by saying hello to them all. Of course, you’ll have to supply me with their names first :)

3 out of 10 claimed

Estimated delivery: January 2016




Your name in the book

I will name a character in my book after you. Or one of your children. Or your dog. First names only, please!

3 out of 3 claimed

Estimated delivery: May 2016



One-to-one training

We will set up a Skype call in which I give you a personal, one-to-one Videotelling training session (one hour).

2 out of 15 claimed

Estimated delivery: January 2016



A day of workshops (later)

(After 30 April 2016) I will deliver a whole day of Videotelling workshops for your teachers at your school or institution – a day they'll never forget! Flights and hotel accommodation will also be required when necessary.

2 out of 5 claimed

Estimated delivery: May 2016




A day of workshops (sooner)

(On or before 30 April 2016) I will deliver a whole day of Videotelling workshops for your teachers at your school or institution. Your teachers will love you for it! Flights and hotel accommodation will also be required when necessary.

0 out of 3 claimed

Estimated delivery: December 2015

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