Wendy Arnold & Co. Limited was formed on 25 November 2009 when Wendy Arnold and husband returned to live in the United Kingdom after nearly 20 years of living and working overseas.

Our journey so far 

In 2010, after a very successful teacher training circuit, a collaboration between the British Council and IATEFL YLT Sig, Wendy met Coralyn Bradshaw and Noreen Caplen-Spence, as they trained teachers around the Gulf in the Middle East. Shortly after that, Wendy, Coralyn and Noreen decided that a website showing their combined skills and experiences would be a good idea…..and ELT Consultants was formed! 

Later in 2010, ELT Consultants were invited to work on a project in the Middle East and they needed multiple writers. The rest is history as Wendy Arnold & Co. Ltd trading as ELT Consultants invited colleagues they met during their English language teaching projects, were invited to become Associate Consultants. Meanwhile, Noreen took on a full-time job at King’s in Canterbury.In 2012 when Noreen stepped down and Itje Chodijah took her place. Itje is a leading light in the field of ELT in Indonesia, but left to complete her PhD. Since 2015 Wendy and Coralyn  have continued, as the two founding members of an ever expanding ELT Consultants.

At the end of  2019, ELT Consultants invited three Associates to form part of their Business Advisory Team, the BAT’s!  The BAT’s started to plan some future steps for the development of the group. Then COVID-19 struck and the world came to a standstill.  But not for long, children still need educating and ELT Consultants and their Associate Consultants have been busy learning new skills and new ways of teaching and learning. 

In 2021, ELT Consultants and their Associate Consultants number over 55 and are a group of multi-cultured, multi-skilled and globally positioned professionals. All the Associates are independent freelance English Language Teaching (ELT) consultants and so work with multiple organisations. Everyone’s experiences enrich all the projects we collaborate on.