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09 Sep

SURVEY - Methodology and Language Learning and Teaching

We need you teachers :) we would like to find out more about your methodology and what you know about learning through projects for an upcoming chapter we are writing.... Read more

17 Aug

Think creatively! Be creative! A teaching challenge.



By Karen Sarah Iturralde  

Associate Consultant

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Goodbye Caracas, hasta pronto! And congratulations to the Education Dept for starting English learning in the primary classes and for the British Council for all their hard work supporting this initiative...

1 days ago

Re the project in Venezuela - this is a huge step forward. We are working with the facilitators and tutors from the 24 regions who will train 30 primary teachers (from different schools) on English language and methodology. These teachers don't currently speak English they are A0-A1 but they will be...

9 days ago