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01 Dec

Learner-Centred Education and Communicative Language Teaching – is it appropriate for all contexts?

By Wendy Arnold

Director and Co-founder ELT-Consultants


In the 20th Century and up to this point in t... Read more

20 Nov

11 reasons why teachers don't use technology

by Nik Peachey

Associate Consultant


A recent survey reported in the UK newspaper the The Telegraph st... Read more

Coralyn is in Cambodia visiting Angkor Wat temples...but could NOT resist peeping inside a primary school just outside Siem Reap. From what I can gather from my guide it's the same old story....under-resourced schools and underpaid primary teachers. There is a very long way to go with things at ever...

4 days ago PLEASE DO READ OUR DECEMBER BLOG WRITTEN BY WENDY ARNOLD! What are your thoughts about this? Please let us know!...

4 days ago